In fact, he doesnt love you that much: these three kinds of women are the easiest to lose themselves in love

 In fact, he doesnt love you that much: these three kinds of women are the easiest to lose themselves in love

Every time a friend meets, he will talk about this topic

She changed.

So in the end is love changed a person, or a person for love to unintentionally change themselves?

Pleasing love

In her career, she is a gold medal producer. She can go on a hot search in order to invite a guest to her hearts content and even dance seaweed dance in public;

In life, she has self-discipline and fitness. Even the time on the treadmill is one second more than that of the people around her.

But it is such a girl who seems to be independent and self-improvement, who has no idea in the face of love. In front of Sam, the slag boy friend, has become a submissive girl who is afraid to leave and lose.

She and her boyfriend Sam have known each other for years, and theyve been on and off countless times. Every time sun Yihe broke up as if he had made up his mind, but every time Sam could pull her back with just a few words or even a circle of friends.

Sun Yihes best friend, Karen, cant help but tell us:

After all, which boy is willing to give up such a obedient and sensible girlfriend easily?

When sun Yihe and Sam went to the airport to meet his parents, he specially asked sun Yihe to wear the skirt and high-heeled shoes he had bought for her to please his parents, but he never asked her whether she was comfortable or willing.

Even Sams mother saw that they were not suitable, she said: you are alienated, she is dependent, you will not be happy together. Have you considered your future?

Like her own line at the end of the film:

In fact, no one wants to abandon their true selves. However, we always try our best to fall into the black hole of love.


Some girls will choose to change themselves unconditionally for another person, and more will change themselves selectively because of the other partys contribution to themselves.

This is a concept that Lu Qi once said: enjoyment model.

If her partner can meet a lot of her needs, then the person who enjoys the emotional mode will have a high degree of tolerance.

Some girls just with their boyfriends, will not be able to accept the other side of their own pay. For example, Valentines Day gifts, if the other party sold expensive, she will want to make up for it in other ways. Because she doesnt like to put the concept of money in a pure relationship.

He was successful in his career, so after marriage, she devoted herself to becoming a housewife and full-time wife. Because the source of income of the family was her husband, she would not have any financial pressure, instead, she would live a comfortable life.

The emotional mode of enjoyment is often angry because the needs can not be met. Once the needs are met, she will soon be over. Women who enjoy the emotional mode often give up thinking in getting along. It is easy to lose certain independence and ability.

Because when they get hurt from each other, they ignore a large part of the bad because of each others good.

Because of the little satisfaction, I am willing to endure what I cant stand for another person. Become tolerant and magnanimous.

I have seen a segment of a TV play before, which is regarded as a typical segment of contemporary girls by netizens

Boy: dont I understand what you said?

Girl: do you really understand

In fact, many girls have more or less such requirements for the other half. They clearly know what they want, but they just dont want to say it directly. When the other half guesses whats on your mind, you will feel that this talent is suitable for you.

I know a more introverted girl, after love did not change cheerful, but become a little nervous.

Whenever he paid for her, she would imagine whether he had done something sorry for her, and would like to double her good.

In her view of love, there should be no reason to pay. If so, there must be a reason. So in love this kind of vigilance, will let her seem to change a person.

In fact, such a girl is just too insecure, because she is afraid of losing, so she is alert to all the good things around her and keep a distance. Once lost, it will not end up in such a mess.

When she felt that the people around her began to be indifferent to her, she would be the one who took the initiative to leave.

In fact, we dont have to be wary of everyone. On the premise of keeping rational, we can lay down a little guard and learn to enjoy others kindness to you. Only in this way can we truly realize the significance of love.

In love, being yourself is enough.

In fact, it is not how they change themselves for love, but love has changed them unconsciously. Some are to become the ideal appearance of the other party, some are because of fear of loss and betrayal.

Dont cut your long hair for ten years just because he likes short hair;

Dont throw away all your T-shirt jeans just because he likes skirts.

People who like you will only like the real you. If love cant be true, life is too tired.