Is Skyworth air conditioning after sales service good? SKYWORTH is trustworthy

 Is Skyworth air conditioning after sales service good? SKYWORTH is trustworthy

SKYWORTH air conditioning after-sales service quality is guaranteed

First of all, Skyworth air conditioning maintenance center has a strict management system, and its air conditioning maintenance personnel have the grade certificate issued by the Ministry of labor, and have many years of accumulated work experience. Not only has the rich scene design installment and the movement practice experience, but also has the good occupation quality and the high sense of responsibility. SKYWORTH air conditioning maintenance center in line with the concept of serving the people, for many years by the majority of customers trust, Skyworth air conditioning maintenance center has reached long-term cooperation with many units.

SKYWORTH air conditioning after-sale door-to-door service

Secondly, Skyworth air conditioning after-sales service will explain its common fault analysis and corresponding solutions as well as its maintenance methods. For example, air conditioning needs to be cleaned regularly, so as not to accumulate too much dust and impurities inside, which will affect its normal use.

SKYWORTH air conditioning after-sales telephone unified nationwide

In addition, since the date when consumers purchase their air conditioner, the staff will call consumers regularly to inquire whether they are satisfied with the air conditioner, whether there are failures, and whether the work of the after-sales service telephone staff is in place, so that they can further improve their technology and service.

Finally, Skyworth air conditioning products after-sales service channels are also diverse, mainly to meet the after-sales needs of different user groups, to provide users with more convenient. Of course, the most important is wechat self-service platform. As a new after-sales service mode, Skyworth air conditioner also provides this service for all users!