Huang Yunsong: digitalization has come, Qingyun qingclouds new infrastructure action

 Huang Yunsong: digitalization has come, Qingyun qingclouds new infrastructure action

I highly approve of this development direction. In fact, there are many companies in the United States that have no special office since the first day of establishment. Among them, autometic, a software company with a history of 15 years, is a representative one. More than a third of the worlds famous websites, such as CNN and fox, are built with its software WordPress. The team is not very large, but it is distributed in 77 different countries around the world. They use tools and systems to make all employees devote themselves to the work, and obtain huge benefits.

Some time ago, I saw a picture of Terminal T3 of Capital International Airport in the circle of friends. There was no empty car. The photographer is still so lonely after the lifting of the ban. In fact, not only does the global epidemic limit peoples travel, but also because remote and online have shown their advantages during the outbreak of the epidemic. Some people say that the current situation of the old infrastructure such as tiegongji is only temporary, but I dont think so. I think it will be a relatively long-term pattern. In this trend, the new infrastructure is particularly important.

In the past, Americans made chips, while China, Japan and Europe did not get involved in this field. Do we think that chips are not important or that the technology is totally out of reach? Its not. Its just that in the old infrastructure era, the focus of Chinese people is not here, so chips and CPUs made in other countries can also be accepted. However, in the future, more and more things will exist in the form of digitalization. The network and tool platform have become necessities. A large number of valuable communication and information exist and flow on the network in digital form. We can see that the virtual world will be more important than the physical world. Of course, today you may feel that the physical world is more important. When it comes to 2050, the communication and business logic in the virtual world must be more important than the physical world. Thats why we have to move into a new era of infrastructure and build the digital world with our own technologies. One of them.

Second, lets start with digital currency. Today, paper money is still very important. But in 2050, paper money may become a piece of waste paper, and digital currency will start to glow. When the virtual world becomes routine, we will find that the physical world is boring and may not even matter. I often say that commercial real estate may be coming to the end of its dividend, not only because of remote office, but all the necessary entertainment of life may be satisfied in the virtual world, including social networking, which we can solve through VR. Thats why Facebook is desperately pushing VR forward. Almost everything that humans can see and everything in the physical world will be virtualized and digitized. At this time, we need a new set of methods and new infrastructure to carry the life, entertainment and work of all the coming, complete and end-to-end human society. All serious, non serious, good and bad will be virtualized and digitized.

Under such a premise, it is obvious why IPv6 is so important. When entering the Internet of things era, a family is small, such as light bulbs, door locks, curtains, tables, chairs, make-up mirrors and other non electronic products, then to refrigerators, washing machines, television, air conditioning, microwave ovens, water dispensers, coffee makers and other household appliances, such as mobile phones, computers, and even your potted plants, need to be connected to the Internet. Can IPv4 meet this demand? Obviously not. As a very important part of the new infrastructure, IPv6 is a string of characters, but it is not floating in the air. It needs a carrier, which is the network, especially the WAN. Qingyun qingcloud has invested and developed the optical grid network sd-wan since 2014. When all kinds of networks and optical fibers are established, if 100% interconnection cannot be achieved, it will be useless to send more IPv6 addresses. Therefore, as the backbone network of the new generation of Internet, the optical grid network sd-wan is bound to shine in the future.

In an era when old infrastructure is king and digital infrastructure is just a foil, we can buy a server and install a Linux on it. But today, we need a large distributed operating system, that is, cloud platform. Cloud computing, especially cloudiaas and infrastructure PAAS, is actually a classic operating system, which is the same as windows and Linux. But its distributed, its a borderless operating system. It can be deployed on one, one million, or even 100 million physical machines across all devices. This is cloudiaas and ipaas, which is the first mission of Qingyun qingcloud.

Qingcloudis your newpc, open to connect to the world

Recently, we are revamping the web console. After the revision, we will present a windows like interface, that is, the UI. The page will not be refreshed, super cool. I call it Internet as computer. In the future, Qingyun qingcloud is a computer. Everyone can log in to the Qingyun qingcloud operating system, use their own account password, or scan the code to log in. After landing, you can do anything, such as playing games, and you can start directly after logging in. You want to use somatosensory devices, handles, we all support it. Simply put, qingcloudis your new PC. It is obvious that the development trend of cloud is to change from single operation to distributed operating system. Cloud computing, especially IAAs and ipaas, will be a very important part of the new infrastructure. We want to build a new generation of operating system and make a distributed operating system, qingcloudos. Finally, Qingyun qingcloud may become a desktop, a desktop that can do everything in the virtual world and digital world after logging in.

Lets look at the next generation of applications. The next generation of applications must be highly decentralized, just like the original game installed in the PC, now the game is in the cloud, players do not know where it is, it will be on many nodes. Code farmers do not write applications from scratch. They all need a framework. We need the development framework, running framework, management and operation framework of the next generation of applications. We have gone through the era of physical machine, virtual machine, and finally evolved into the era of container. Why container becomes important, because it is the technology that can support application development framework, running framework and operation and maintenance optimization framework with the best and lowest cost among the underlying technologies. The new framework will play its value and role in the new era. Now the code written by the new generation of code farmers is no longer running on a single device, but running on any node in the world. This is the third point.

Face to face communication may disappear and both sides will become new infrastructure

There is also a very important point, data. The human brain is actually the largest database and hard disk. When we want to recall past information, our brains start to work. But as more and more activities take place in digital space and virtual space, human brain will no longer be the only hard disk, account book and database. More importantly, the data generated by your lifetimes activities is stored in the virtual world or digital world. At this time, data has become a new infrastructure, and it is also a part of the new national infrastructure that is being promoted. With data, AI has to be mentioned. When the amount of data reaches a certain level, analysis becomes a bottleneck, and AI naturally becomes one of the cores of the new infrastructure. In fact, building a data center is not a very difficult thing. The difficult thing is that when the hardware starts to run applications and generate data, the technical value will be highlighted. Its even harder when you want to generate the ultimate value from the data. Therefore, we began to devote ourselves to the new infrastructure, which is to make efforts for the day when all functions of human society were digitized and decoupled.

I have always hoped to make Qingyun qingcloud a virtual company. I hope that in the future, anyone can become an employee of Qingyun qingcloud in an instant, and work freely for Qingyun qingcloud without the complicated entry and exit of traditional enterprise mode. Were going to become a platform that offers a variety of capabilities. This is a vision, but it must be achievable in the next century. In my opinion, the essence of the new infrastructure is to rebuild the human society and the planet. However, what we are going to create is a virtualized planet. Whether it is good enough or not, I dont know. But I believe that technology will certainly become the core of that era. The era of thermal weapons has long been over, and digitization is a new wave. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

In my opinion, the essence of the new infrastructure is to rebuild the human society and the planet. However, what we are going to create is a virtualized planet. Whether it is good enough or not, I dont know. But I believe that technology will certainly become the core of that era. The era of thermal weapons has long been over, and digitization is a new wave.