Foreign media: Turkey is very interested in the Soviet Union 57 and may lose its NATO status

 Foreign media: Turkey is very interested in the Soviet Union 57 and may lose its NATO status

The report said that since 2018, the United States has been pressing the Turkish government to cancel the purchase of S-400 air defense system from Russia. Turkey, however, insisted on its position and took over the first S-400 air defense system in July last year and then placed a second order.

Russian made soviet-57 fifth generation fighter

Now, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is showing more and more interest in Russian su-578 fighters. Su-57 fighter has the ability of supersonic cruise, super maneuverability, stealth ability, and is equipped with advanced avionics equipment. Erdogan said last year that Turkey might buy Russian made Su-35 and su-57 fighters. Erdogan said at the time that he made the decision after he got the news that the United States banned Turkey from continuing to participate in the F-35 project during an ordinary telephone call with us president trump.

After purchasing the Russian S-400 air defense system and receiving some of the first S-400 components, the United States kicked turkey out of the F-35 fighter program. The United States said that the F-35 cannot coexist with Russian intelligence gathering platforms, which will be used to understand the advanced capabilities of F-35 fighters. The United States maintains that the S-400 is incompatible with the NATO system and threatens the stealth capability of the new fighter.

The Turkish air force is now in urgent need of 4.5 generation fighters to gradually replace its old-fashioned F-16 and F-4 fighters. Turkey has hinted on a number of occasions that it is looking for new fighters from Russia, said Alan Stan, director of the Middle East program at the US Foreign Policy Institute Russia said that it had conducted preliminary negotiations with Turkey on the Su-35 issue. But there seems to be no progress in the negotiations.

Without a modern fighter fleet, the Turkish air force will not be able to maintain operations. In this case, the Su-35, su-30sm and su-57 fighters are the most attractive alternatives for Turkey. According to the report, this may lead to further deterioration of Turkeys relations with NATO, and even end Turkeys membership in NATO.

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