After divorce at the age of 36, she got acquainted with her third husband for 28 days. Song Dandan, a 60 year old comedy queen, announced her retirement

 After divorce at the age of 36, she got acquainted with her third husband for 28 days. Song Dandan, a 60 year old comedy queen, announced her retirement

retreat when sb. feels unable in doing sth.

On August 25, 2020, Song Dandan celebrated his 60th birthday and announced his official retirement on this day.

In many peoples minds, Song Dandans image is inseparable from the Spring Festival Gala sketch.

The northeast old lady with a woollen hat and missing a front door tooth is Zhao Zhongxiang. The northeast old lady named Baiyun is her most popular role.

Once upon a time, Baiyun and Heitu appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala every year.

My name is Baiyun, my name is black soil

I 71, I 75

I am a chicken, I am a tiger

This is my husband, this is my mother

But at that time, the sketches were put on and laughed at year after year. This is amazing. It will make you famous all your life..

Now that she is 60 years old, it seems that she will never come back to the era when she can laugh at sketches.

In 1981, the Spring Festival Gala has not yet opened, Song Dandan was 20 years old, twice failed in the college entrance examination.

The young girl was just in love at that time. She just started to talk about her first love. She didnt want to read and didnt know what she wanted to do in the future.

At this time, a friend took a newspaper and told her that the Beijing Peoples Art Troupe was recruiting actors. Otherwise, she would try.

On the day of the first test, she took out the fire chopsticks at home and put them in the stove to heat up. She rolled up the bangs in front of her babys head.

I found a pair of second sisters half high-heeled shoes from under the bed. The heels were ground to slope heels, but I still put them on to go out, which was even dressed up.

During the exam, Song Dandan received the question of performing that his mother was critically ill and called his father. On the spot, she cried out with a wow voice, followed by her lines:

Dad, my mother is ill and in hospital. Come on, come on. Bring me when you come Bring two bottles of yogurt

After the performance, the teacher asked her to dance. She did a radio gymnastics without learning it.

But I didnt expect that the single wooden bridge which was crowded by hundreds of people was really broken through by her, and she passed the examination.

The entrance examination is not the end, but the beginning. Song Dandan thinks that he has embarked on the road of performing arts. Finally, he finds his own bed and can dream on it..

Unexpectedly, she has been running on the stage of peoples art for three years, and her roles are passers-by a.

If it is not a drama but a TV play, she can only be regarded as a group performance at most.

However, Song Dandan was still a little actor at this time, whether he was honored or experienced in acting a drama.

The second years Chaosheng guerrillas made her image of rural women deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Who would have thought that the girl who played such a rural image was a native of Beijing.

My goal in life is how can an artist who walks into the rehearsal hall with tea in his hand and a toothpick in his pocket? How can he play such a pretentious role

But the next year, with her back bent, she played the role of the old lady of Northeast China. She cooperated with Zhao Benshan in the sketch yesterday, today, tomorrow, which achieved unprecedented success. The image of white clouds and black soil became an irreplaceable classic in the national memory.

So later, she and Zhao Benshan had to play the old couple again and again, and the short sketch seemed to be shooting a series on the Spring Festival Gala stage.

That kind of tiredness is really hard to say. Its not easy. I really dont want to go unless they detain me and sentence me

Maybe because of the sketch, people think that I am not suitable for acting in film and TV series. There is no film and TV series looking for me at all.

In the heart of the post-80s generation, she is the daughter-in-law of I love my family. She weaves sweaters and weaves a whole play, playing a stingy but caring housewife.

But after that, it seems to be gone. Despite her efforts to transform, she has made a lot of TV dramas and even won many awards, but it seems that she can never conflict with the aura of her previous roles.

The acting career of the actress Song Dandan has been split into two parts. On the one hand, it is the pinnacle of a comedian, while on the other is the acting dream that cannot be broken through.

It may be due to her personality. Song Dandans emotional life is even more bumpy than her career.

At the age of 24, she had just entered the arts and crafts examination, but her first love went abroad to study. Lonely, she had known another boy for three months and chose a flash marriage.

However, when young, the decision was always impulsive and irrational. The marriage lasted only one year and ended.

At the time of divorce, my ex husband asked: no matter whether you become famous or not, dont mention my name.

Song Dandan kept this promise, so to this day, no one knows the name of her first husband.

More than a year after the divorce, Song Dandan met Yingda, who was also the deputy director of the production group at that time. The two people who talked to each other fell in love with each other.

In 1989, Yingda and Song Dandan walked into the palace of marriage. The next year, their son Batu was born.

However, the love that he thought he could spend his whole life together brought too much pain and suffering to Song Dandan.

After marriage, Song Dandan went to the Spring Festival Gala and became more and more famous, but Yingda was still unknown.

However, the estrangement between the two people is getting deeper and deeper. Their feelings have gone down sharply due to the lack of communication and cold violence.

At this time, Yingda also had an affair with Liang Huan, the screenwriter of I love my family.

But less than a month after the divorce, Yingda and Liang Huan got married.

She later revealed in her autobiography that her lovers betrayal made her very painful, and she wept all day long.

Those who she thought were her friends did not choose her, but all stood opposite to her.

Perhaps because of the lack of security, Song Dandans 36th birthday, she and her husband Zhao Yuji, who had known each other for only 28 days, had a flash marriage. Each of them had a son and a daughter, forming a reorganized family just like in family has children.

Fortunately, this time, she met a lover who stayed together for a lifetime. They have been accompanying each other and their feelings have become more and more profound.

Since the divorce, Inda almost ignored Batu. As a father, he completely missed his sons life. He even said, if you get divorced, dont look for me again.

And her expectation of Batu is only 12 words of honesty, kindness, health, happiness and self-reliance.

For a mother, these 12 words are good enough wishes.

As you get older, it seems that everything goes with the wind.

Aging may be frightening, but it also makes people more open-minded.

Song Dandan said that she is not afraid of anyone to leave her, even her own children, even her husband who has been married for more than 20 years. As long as she feels unhappy, she can leave at any time.

In the Spring Festival Gala in 2020, Song Dandan did not perform a sketch, only appeared in the opening song and dance.

This is a farewell, she wants to say goodbye to the audience of the Spring Festival Gala, and she will never go to the Spring Festival Gala again.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }At the age when it is time to see the scenery instead of making waves, she has been entangled in love for half her life and has been struggling with her career for a long time. Finally, she can give up all her life. Source of this article: Yi group Bagua editor: Li Xi_ NN2587