Young directors focus on contemporary rural women

 Young directors focus on contemporary rural women

The film Zhaoyan is based on the real story and is a masterpiece of director Chen Tianyi, which lasted for three years. According to the staff, in the early stage of the film preparation, the director led the crew to spend more than 40 days visiting dozens of villages and towns in Taihang Mountains, and finally selected more than ten villages and towns in Baoding area as the location. The film covers three seasons, summer, autumn and winter. The super long shooting cycle only carves out the living environment in rural areas in all aspects. The directors ingenuity in carving time and space can also be seen in the newly exposed fixed file Trailer.

The trailer starts slowly with a dialogue between two men. In a few words, the woman is in a dilemma. The long tunnel that followed was a symbol of the heroines beginning to fall into a long, dark life. The lazy sheep occasionally flash is the expression of the protagonists yearning for freedom. At the same time, the trailer is also mixed with a lot of erotic elements, the fighting scene also makes the suspense upgrade, the relationship between the characters is complex and intriguing. People in this life, there are many are missing a chance, a sentence said the womans heart is not willing, and let life re bloom color desire. The use of wide-angle long-range lens shows a rich sense of space and the smallness of the characters; the ingenious composition of characters in the film enables the audience to intuitively feel the emotions of the characters and better enter the inner world of the characters.

In recent years, films focusing on contemporary urban women have emerged in an endless stream, ranging from search to July and Anson, Hello, China and send me to Qingyun, while there are few works focusing on contemporary rural women. Director Chen Tianyi keenly captures the changes of womens situation in the current rural environment and the independent spiritual characteristics of contemporary women. Li Bayues story may be repeated on this land every day, which is also a simple story that can arouse the resonance of contemporary women. As the director Chen Tianyi said, Zhaoyan is like a sincere farmhouse meal, without complicated seasonings and cooking techniques, but tells a sincere story with typical characters. From this point of view, Zhaoyan is the directors Hymn to thousands of contemporary rural women. As director Chen Tianyi said, in this era when everyone has the opportunity to change his own destiny, Li Bayues Dilemma and struggle deserve our many urban youth to ponder.

Zhaoyan is another name of morning glory, just as its flower language describes reputation, love forever, it symbolizes tenacity, represents the indomitable spirit of climbing to the sun, and never give up until the end. This film takes realism as the expression technique, and in the simple story, it shows the heroine Li Bayues spiritual characteristics of fighting against the changes of the times, the traditional decadent values, and the fate of male chauvinism. Bayue is like morning glory. No matter how bad the environment is, he will try his best to climb in the direction of the sun and bloom against the wind. This may be worth thinking for young people with good resources in the city. The director has always been in-depth excavation of human nature in the real weight of emotion, experienced the deep-rooted loneliness in life, the flower of life swaying between love and violence.

It is reported that the film Zhaoyan is written and directed by young director Chen Tianyi, starred by Yuan fan and produced by Zhejiang paiye Film Co., Ltd. It has been shortlisted for the 2019 Rome International Independent Film Festival, the 2019 American International Independent Film Award, the 2019 Los Angeles global film competition, the 2019 Chicago marcode art television award and the 2020 Tokyo independent film award. It has won many international film festival awards, such as the best feature film at the 2019 Asia Pacific International Film Festival and the best feature film at the Alsace International Film Festival in India. The film will officially land on the national cinema on September 22, 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020