The first preview of the movie frigid storm: Jean Renaults killer on screen

 The first preview of the movie frigid storm: Jean Renaults killer on screen

Netease Entertainment reported on September 1, September 1, the film extreme cold storm first exposure Trailer. Since the film was finalized, the topic has been discussed constantly, and many audiences have expressed their surprise to see Jean Renault play the killer again. Directed by Frederick pettigian and co starring Jean Reno, Sarah Lind and Joe Anderson, the film frigid storm tells the story of the intense struggle between the killer Henry (played by Jean Reno) and his ultimate target, Charlie (Sarah Linde).

Complicated role relationship

In the release of the preview, the image of Jean Renault is very eye-catching, the relationship between various characters is complex, the scene is exciting, at the same time, the story line of the film is gradually clear. In the cold wind, a wooden house is hidden behind the woods. The killer comes out with a gun. On the other side, the girl walked alone in the ice and snow. Who wants me to die? The girls question made the whole trailer suddenly suspicious. Hes waiting for his prey to do it first. But killers seem to be aware of the arrival of prey. An accident, so that the two met, calm under the surface of the turbulent, who are you? The assassins questioning makes the relationship more complicated, while the presence of black people and the police has thrown the truth into a greater fog.

Jean Renault, 70, becomes a killer again

The film extreme cold storm tells the story of a retiring killer and his last target, Charlie. The film not only brings together a group of familiar Chinese audience actors such as Jean Reno (summer in Provence), Sarah Linde (human Office), Joe Anderson (Hannibal), David gias (Star Trek), etc There are super strong production teams such as Cannes award-winning photographer tieri abogast. In terms of story, the film starts from the conflict between the girl and the killer, which not only shows the killers struggle in the final stage of his career, but also shows the directors thinking about family relations and life. Earlier, when the film was released, it attracted many netizens discussion and attention. They left messages in anticipation of the films release, and praised Jean Renaults sharp eyes and unswerving acting skills.

The film extreme cold storm is produced by 835 digital film company of France, imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed and translated by China Film Corporation Limited, promoted by Star Alliance film (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shengge Media Co., Ltd., directed by Frederick pettigian, and starred by Jean Renault, Sarah Lind and Joe Anderson. At present, the film has been announced to be released on September 11.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020