Us releases declassified telegram at sensitive moment: not forcing Taiwan to negotiate peace with mainland China

 Us releases declassified telegram at sensitive moment: not forcing Taiwan to negotiate peace with mainland China

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According to reports, the so-called six guarantees include: the United States has not agreed to set a date for the termination of arms sales to Taiwan; it has not agreed to consult the peoples Republic of China on the issue of arms sales to Taiwan; it will not play a mediating role between Taipei and Beijing; it has not agreed to amend the Taiwan Relations Law; it has not changed its position on Taiwans sovereignty; it will not put pressure on Taiwan to ask Taiwan and the Chinese people The peoples Republic is negotiating.

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According to the report, AIT announced in its declassified telegram on August 31 that the six guarantees have always been the fundamental elements of the US policy towards Taiwan and China. . However, Lianhe daily also mentioned in the report that the so-called six guarantees were not finally implemented into effective legal texts like the communique or laws.

What does the six guarantees guarantee? Its guaranteed to sell weapons at a high price, some Internet users sarcastically said. In other words, its selling weapons at a higher price than others, and its not new. Some netizens asked, after watching the six guarantees for a long time, where is sending troops to help Taiwan? Some netizens sarcastically said in an American tone that you can sell some weapons to earn some money, but you should fight by yourself. A kind of

Some Internet users on the island said angrily, dont be disgusted, and use Taiwan as an ATM. The performance and quantity of US arms sales to Taiwan depend on the pressure of US stocks. A kind of

There are also people on the island who satirize that the six guarantees are not due to the strong opposition of Taiwan people to American pigs and cattle. Theres no guarantee about what the United States promises, but the Taiwanese will take it. A kind of

Some netizens also noted that the six guarantees include one unchanged position on Taiwan sovereignty. The netizen mentioned the 1979 Sino US diplomatic relations communique, saying that the United States recognized in the communique that the government of the peoples Republic of China is the only legitimate government of China and that there is only one China and Taiwan is a part of China. A kind of

The one after another arms sales by the United States to Taiwan have already aroused doubts and dissatisfaction in the islands public opinion, while the DPP authorities continue to cater to the Taiwan card of the United States. As for the military connection between the DPP authorities and the United States, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin once said that the US action seriously damaged Chinas sovereignty and security interests and seriously violated the basic norms of international relations. The Taiwan issue concerns Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as Chinas core interests. China is unswervingly determined to safeguard its sovereignty and security. China urges the US side to fully understand the problem and serious harm of US arms sales to Taiwan, abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, and stop arms sales to Taiwan and US Taiwan military ties, so as not to seriously damage Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Wang Wenbin

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The American Association in Taiwan announced the declassified telegram, declaring that arms sales to Taiwan will continue

Taiwans defense budget for the next year was sent to the Legislative Yuan today. No military purchase projects such as mq-9b, shore mounted harpoon missiles, and m109a6 have been found in the public budget. Only the new camouflage net is the case of three services communication, and there are few new cases. There are no significant changes in the F-16 upgrade, m1a2t, aircraft and ship self-made cases.

In the next years defense budget, 366.8 billion new Taiwan dollars was included, including the special budget for the purchase of new fighters and the non operating special fund, with an overall scale of 453.4 billion yuan.

The mq-9b unmanned aerial vehicle, HIMARS multiple rocket system, shore mounted harpoon missile equipped with CDCM / Coastal Defense Cruise mission, m109a6 (Paladin) Paladin self-propelled gun and other weapons of concern are not listed in the public budget.

However, the budget for us procurement of 108 m1a2t combat vehicles, 142 F-16A / b upgraded f-16v (block20), self-made submarines, YONGYING new higher education aircraft, micro missile assault craft, Tuojiang class warship follow-up plan, and production of various types of clouded leopard eight wheel a vehicles, etc., have not changed significantly.

The AIT published two decrypted telegrams today, claiming that the US position is mainly concerned with maintaining the balance of power on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The performance and quantity of arms sales to Taiwan will depend entirely on the threat posed by China. The document concludes with the last guarantee: the United States will continue to sell arms to Taiwan..