Ma Yili Gao Weiguangs new play cheongsam beauty: Cheongsam is very beautiful

 Ma Yili Gao Weiguangs new play cheongsam beauty: Cheongsam is very beautiful

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On September 1, surging News reported the detective drama cheongsam starred by Ma Yili and Gao Weiguang in the Republic of China. It tells the story of Su Wenli (played by Ma Yili) who returned from Paris, France, and Luo qiuheng (Gao Weiguang), the inspector general of the central patrol room of the French Concession Police Bureau, to solve the outstanding case together.

For example, in eight hundred, two Shanghai are separated by a Suzhou River and a garbage bridge. On one side, it is like a paradise, full of lights, wine and money; on the other hand, it is like a hell; on the other hand, it is suffering from deep water and suffering. Only these two sides constitute a complete Republic of China Shanghai, a complete Republic of China. However, the current drama of the Republic of China only highlights the customs of the Republic of China. Although this helps its popularity and popularity, it also fundamentally determines that their artistic value will not be too high.

Careful viewers will also notice that the identity of the male and female protagonists in the detective dramas of the Republic of China is often patrolling. Why is it called patrol instead of police? After the Opium War, the Western powers began to delimit residence areas and set up concessions at trading ports. In 1845, the British established the first concession in Shanghai. In 1854, Shanghai British concession set up the first real police organization in modern Chinese history, the patrol house of Shanghai British concession. Its main duty is to maintain the security of the concession and protect the interests of Westerners.

The film and television writers set the identity of the protagonist as a patrol, which means that the place of the story is in the concession. The troubled times of the Republic of China has nothing to do with the concession. Just like the war across a river in 800 has nothing to do with the concession, it is reasonable to highlight the customs of the Republic of China. This is a flattering way of writing, but also a way to avoid the heavy. But this is not only a question of cheongsam beauty, we need not be critical.

The efficiency of solving cases has been greatly improved, and the rhythm of the series is very fast, which is an advantage. But also because the rhythm is too fast, so the description of the case is basically bold and sketchy, and there is not much complex content of case reasoning. The disclosure of suspense is basically at the last minute. Either the characters are foolishly showing their feet. For example, in the first case, the murderer put arsenic mixed sugar bags in the office; or they reveal some key details, such as the second case, through the mouth of the beauty detector.

The audiences sense of reasoning participation is not strong, basically just to see a lively. Fortunately, cheongsam beauty also has a lively to watch. Although the case is not meticulous enough, it is not full of loopholes, and thanks to the investment and effort in the production, it still creates a good sense of suspense.

The core charm of the drama lies in the beauty of cheongsam. The former detective dramas of the Republic of China were dominated by men, and the female roles were mainly auxiliary. The beauty of cheongsam, however, allows women to choose the most important role, and it really endows the same detective drama of the Republic of China with different aesthetic temperament.

First of all, she is a rich and beautiful woman. When I came back from Paris, I lived in a luxury house, drove a luxury car, and gave people a free ride.

She is sweet and sweet. The speech is coquettish, the posture is coquettish, very can act coquettish. But if you think Su Wenli is a vase that cant do anything, its a big mistake. She lives in France and has seen the world. She is highly educated, knowledgeable and logical. She is open-minded, elegant and independent. She is kind, just and sympathetic to the weak The seemingly opposite temperament of movement and stillness, vulgarity and elegance, whine and forcefulness, and work and truth are integrated in Su Wenli. Ma Yili also excellently interprets the characters rich temperament. Sometimes her artificial tone of speech reminds people of Luo Zijun in the first half of my life, but Su Wenli is an independent and powerful Lu Xiaoou in in the distance. Compared with these two characters, Su Wenli still has a charm. Su Wenli has to change into different cheongsam and dress in almost every episode. The self-cultivation cheongsam reflects the graceful and graceful charm of the character at a glance. Ma Yixuan is a Shanghai native, and Su Wenli occasionally says a few soft and graceful Shanghai dialect, which is very suitable for the soft and delicate character.

It can be said that the temperament and texture of cheongsam beauty are set off by Su Wenli. Although she is a new type of woman, it does not affect Su Wenlis Jiao Di Di; although her sisters murder has always been Su Wenlis heart knot, the beauty of cheongsam is not dark and heavy, and does not pay much attention to the bitter hatred of that era. Its overall tone is light and playful. Gao Weiguang plays detective Luo qiuheng, who is tall, handsome and intelligent, cold outside and hot inside. Every time Su Wenli is in danger, he always appears. He soon had a good feeling for Su Wenli and became a affectionate Luo qiuheng. After a few episodes, Luo qiuheng and his emotional interaction drama can all detect the flow of love. Ma Yili and Gao Weiguang have an unexpected strong sense of CP. Cheongsam beauty is not a serious official drama of the Republic of China, but it is suitable for the current rice drama. Source: surging news editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351

Cheongsam beauty is not a serious official drama of the Republic of China, but it is suitable for the current rice drama.