Windows 10 taskbar jump list delay up to 200-250ms, Microsoft is investigating

 Windows 10 taskbar jump list delay up to 200-250ms, Microsoft is investigating

For example, when you right-click on the Google browser or Microsoft edge icon nailed to the taskbar, you can find items that have recently been processed, frequently visited websites, and the option to close the browser window.

Its far beyond the ideal human interaction time, and its a constant sense of frustration. I dont want to wait for my computer, especially when its doing simple and repetitive actions, and I know it should be able to do them about ten times faster. Google engineer Bruce Dawson points out that he observed this delay on a device with 32GB of memory and 2tbsds.

It is reported that the jump list delay in Windows 10 occurs on all programs, including Notepad.

Bruce also pointed out that there are many ways the windows team can work to solve the performance problem of right clicking on a taskbar entry.

Fortunately, the bug report has been approved by rich Turner, Microsofts senior project manager. According to rich Turner, Microsofts product team is currently investigating the report and will share the results soon.

It is learned that if you use flagship hardware, you may not notice the performance problems of the taskbar, but on low-end hardware, especially on older devices, the delay may be obvious.

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