The defendants urine sample and monitoring lost

 The defendants urine sample and monitoring lost

The full text is as follows:

[evidence of disappearance

1. The results of urine test of the defendant were positive, but the results of hair and blood test were negative. The urine test was conducted on January 2 (two days after the incident), and the blood and hair test was conducted seven days after the incident, and the three samples were not preserved;

2. The video recording of KTV and tachograph disappeared;

3. Witnesses with amnesia: public officials and service personnel who had contact with the defendant on the day of the incident made vague statements of amnesia;

4. The surveillance video of the key position of the accident section is missing.

1. The chief judge interrupted the plaintiffs lawyer;

3. The chief judge said you didnt say anything to the plaintiff;

4. The plaintiffs lawyer asked to check the escape route and monitoring. The defendants lawyer took the photos taken by the defendant as evidence, whether it was reasonable.

[defendants performance

1. At the beginning, the defendant denied that he was in and out of KTV;

2. At first, the defendant denied drinking alcohol on the day of the incident, and then the video evidence showed that he had drunk seven drinks during the period;

3. During the trial, the defendant sat in a posture of fearlessness and defied the court.

Case review:

Late at night on December 31, 2018, Huang, mother of famous actress Tan songyun, was involved in a car accident in Xuyong County, Luzhou, Sichuan Province. On May 31, the case of Tan songyuns mothers death was heard in Xuyong County Peoples Court of Sichuan Province.

According to the court investigation, the night of the incident, and Tan songyuns mother Huang walked home together with three people, Yang, Chen and Li. Huang died in the accident, Yang and Chen were slightly injured and one was seriously injured. Li was lucky to escape because he walked a few meters ahead.

At the scene of the trial, the defendant Ma said that he knew he could not drive after drinking, but in order to buy firecrackers to celebrate the new years Eve, he still drove out. Before the incident, surveillance video of the nightclub showed that before Ma left, his friend tried to pull him but did not stop.

Ma said his speed at that time was about 40 km / h. At the time of the accident, there was strong light stimulation from the opposite vehicle, and there was fog in the front windshield of the car, so the road condition could not be seen clearly. After feeling the collision, Ma claimed to have hit the motorcycle.

Scene of court hearing in Xuyong County Peoples court

The evidence presented by the prosecutor shows that the violent impact not only damaged the bumper and hood of the fox car driven by Ma, but also caused a heart shaped hole in the front windshield. But Ma argued that he did not know what he had hit.

Faced with the question of why the accident did not stop in time to rescue the injured and call the police, the defendant Ma claimed that it was the first time that he encountered such a thing (car collision), and did not know how to deal with it, and said that he had a fluke mentality, so he fled the scene.

After escaping from the scene of the accident, Ma called his friend Zhang, who was still drinking in the nightclub, claiming that he had hit someone near the heaven and earth and asked him to go to the scene to help look at the situation. Zhang arrived at the scene of the accident, three injured people have been 120 ambulance pulled away.

Ma learned of the situation, and arranged for Zhang to go to Xuyong County Peoples hospital to continue to inquire about the relevant situation. Zhang then took two motorcycles to the hospital. Medical staff told Zhang that one of the three injured was seriously injured and might be annoyed (critically ill or dead).

Later, Zhang testified in the police, saying that because he felt the situation was serious, Ma planned to let Zhang drive him to Chongqing overnight in order to evade legal responsibility. Zhang suggested that Ma first go to Luzhou to avoid the storm, and then make a decision the next day.

In the early morning of January 1, 2019, Zhang drove Ma home and picked up his clothes. Zhang and his friend Yu took Ma to Luzhou for shelter overnight. During his stay in Luzhou, Ma threw his mobile phone and his mobile phone card into the river.

The public prosecutor produced the Xuyong County Traffic Police Brigade accident responsibility confirmation certificate shows that: in the traffic accident, the victims Huang, Yang and Chen have no fault; the driver Ma, who drinks and drives a motor vehicle, causes trouble and escapes, is fully responsible for the traffic accident.

The public prosecutor believes that Huang and other three victims have done their duty of safety care in the traffic behavior and should not bear the responsibility. The accident responsibility confirmation letter issued by Xuyong traffic police department should be accepted by the court.

Images outside the courtroom as the afternoon trial begins

Tan songyun choked at the scene of the trial of her mothers collision, saying that she was very nervous and afraid when she came to the court, and was afraid to see something that she did not dare to see when the evidence was presented. At the same time, he said that in more than a year after the incident, he never received any apology from the perpetrator to his family members, and he felt very uncomfortable as a family member.

In the end, I hope that she will be punished in accordance with the law

Tan songyun recommends Tan songyuns mothers collision case, and the troublemakers escape route forms a ring in public. Tan songyun chokes at the scene of her mothers collision case: nervous and afraid that Tan songyuns mother is hit: the perpetrators urine test is positive and denies taking drugs. Details of Tan songyuns mothers collision case: the troublemakers drivers investigation twice. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788

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