Hong Kong sister champion Xie Jiayis past exposure: Scottish grown up nurse

 Hong Kong sister champion Xie Jiayis past exposure: Scottish grown up nurse

Her cousins appearance gives people a feeling of small jasper, not only has a sweet smile, but also has a good figure. Because of her high beauty, she has a strong voice in the preliminary stage. Her degree is a masters degree from a well-known foreign university.

Xie Jiayi has also revealed that she will stay in Hong Kong to develop and hopes to become an actress. She also admits that if she has a chance to act, she can do anything.

On the day of the election, Xie Jiayi performed the golden song Shanghai beach in the talent show. Although she didnt speak Cantonese very fluently, she also went very smoothly and won the double champion.

On the same day, when the host announced that he wanted to walk around the field to win the championship, Xie Jiayi thought he could leave directly and almost walked out of the gate. Fortunately, she was stopped. After that, many netizens and guests praised her as very cute.

Xie Jiayis height of 160cm does not occupy an advantage among many beauties. She has also said that she is not tall enough. Therefore, she deliberately lost weight and successfully lost 12 Jin. However, many netizens think that Xie Jiayis body is symmetrical and looks more healthy and natural.

Xie Jiayi not only does not occupy the advantage of height, but also older than the previous Hong Kong sister, but this did not affect her winning the championship.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788