More than 10 ugly habits will be ignored!

 More than 10 ugly habits will be ignored!

Improvement: when eating, pay attention to it a little, chew alternately on both sides.

Pseudo hip width and spinal curvature affect posture

Cross legs will make the femoral head internal rotation, thigh root to protrude, over time, the width of the false hip will come out. If you cross your legs for a long time, there will be many problems, such as pelvic roll and spinal curvature.

Open your mouth for a long time

Formation of buckteeth, lip type hypertrophy

Breathing with the nose is the most correct breathing posture, and the mouth is just the spare of breathing - when the nasal cavity is blocked and the body needs a lot of air exchange, the mouth can play a substitute role. When opening the mouth to breathe, the tongue is forced to drop down. The upper dental arch is easy to become narrow due to the lack of the force of the tongue, resulting in crowding or protrusion of the upper anterior teeth, resulting in buckteeth, lip type hypertrophy, etc.

Improvement method: carry out upper and lower lip and facial muscle training, clamp a piece of hard paper with upper and lower lips, adhere to 5-10 minutes, do it three times a day.

Too many sweets

All kinds of skin problems are coming

Improvement: control the intake of sweets. According to the World Health Organization, the amount of sugar per person per day should not exceed 50g, and the optimal control amount should be less than 25g.

Dont pay attention to sunscreen

The skin ages faster

Improvement: go out with an umbrella or a sun visor. If you apply sunscreen, remember to make it up every 2 hours.

Neck muscle ptosis

Neck is one of the most easily aging parts, once the appearance of fine lines, sagging, then exposed skin age. When the head has been lowered, the pressure on the neck is three times as much as usual, which will make the neck muscles droop, accelerate the aging of epidermal cells, and naturally increase the neck lines.

In addition, the neck muscles are in a state of continuous tension, over time, there may be a rich bag at the back of the neck, affecting the posture.

Improvement method: cling to the wall, keep two shoulders at the same height, arms naturally droop, practice standing against the wall three times a day, each time for 5 minutes.

Always sleep on your side

There will be wrinkles in the skin

Lying on the side is one of the most common sleeping positions, and lying on the right side does not oppress the heart and is helpful for digestion. However, sleeping on your side affects your appearance all the time. American scientists have done an experiment, let a group of volunteers pillow transparent inflatable pillow side sleep, the results found: sleep face will be squeezed, the corner of the eye skin is easy to form wrinkles. If you dont pay attention to it now, with the growth of age, the automatic repair ability of skin will decline, and wrinkles will become permanent wrinkles.

Improvement method: change sleeping posture from time to time, and occasionally choose supine posture; pay attention not to often squint and rub eyes, otherwise it is easy to cause wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.

Regular shoulder bag

Improvement method: do more shrugging action, head up chest, shoulder slowly forward towering, do 15 ~ 20 times a day.

Hair loss is easy when hair follicles are damaged

With the weather getting hot, many women with long hair will choose to tie up their hair, in order not to let the ponytail fall down, but also specially tight.

In fact, the hair tie too tight, easy to cause hair loss, and even damage the hair follicles, leading to hair line back. This kind of hair loss is called traction alopecia clinically. Some studies have found that about 1 / 3 of women have traction alopecia.

One hand holding cheek

Wrinkles that are difficult to remove

When holding the cheek, the palm will squeeze the face, pulling the skin, and prone to wrinkles. Whats terrible is that wrinkles caused by long-term support of the cheek are permanent. They are different from the fine lines caused by dry skin. In a word, they are difficult to eliminate.

Improvement methods: hold a pen or book in your hand to avoid habitual holding your cheek; open your mouth and lower jaw backward, and repeat the action several times to make the blood circulation of the face more smooth.

Source: responsible editor of Chongqing Evening News: Geng Yiwen_ NJ6040