Tan songyuns agent says: wait for a fair judgment and return my aunt justice

 Tan songyuns agent says: wait for a fair judgment and return my aunt justice

Prior to this, Tan songyuns support association also voiced support for Tan songyuns rights protection. They also raised questions about the live broadcast of the public trial of Tan songyuns mothers collision. They listed the disappearing evidence, the process of the trial, and the performance of the defendant. If there are relevant and reasonable explanations for the following questions, we are willing to listen to professional and impartial voices, hoping to clarify the details and the truth, and to return the deceased to justice..

Late at night on December 31, 2018, Huang, mother of famous actress Tan songyun, was involved in a car accident in Xuyong County, Luzhou, Sichuan Province. On May 31, the case of Tan songyuns mothers death was heard in Xuyong County Peoples Court of Sichuan Province.

According to the court investigation, the night of the incident, and Tan songyuns mother Huang walked home together with three people, Yang, Chen and Li. Huang died in the accident, Yang and Chen were slightly injured and one was seriously injured. Li was lucky to escape because he walked a few meters ahead.

Tan songyuns mother case: Father: selling house after the incident to compensate Tan songyuns mother case another victims family members: fathers disabled wifes abortion; Tan songyun Fang claimed more than 5 million yuan, and the suspect still had no regrets at the trial. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788