Tan songyunfang claimed more than 5 million yuan, and the suspect still showed no remorse at the trial

 Tan songyunfang claimed more than 5 million yuan, and the suspect still showed no remorse at the trial

During the trial, Ma denied that he had ever taken drugs, and claimed that he did not know why the urine test results were positive. Netizens said that compared with Tan songyuns strong feeling of missing his mother, the driver who caused the accident in the defendants seat was really angry. During the trial, the defendant was totally indifferent and shaking his head. He even framed the victim and said that the victim should not walk on the road. Many netizens sympathize with each other and support Tan songyuns rights protection. Im really distressed to see the video. Stars protect their rights like this. Isnt it more difficult for ordinary people? if public figures with certain social influence want to fight against each others rights, are we ordinary people more difficult? the text version of the testimony makes people angry!

At the scene of the trial, the prosecutor played a surveillance video of a nightclub before the crime, which showed that the driver Ma left after drinking seven glasses of beer. Before going to the nightclub to drink beer, Ma and his friends sang in a KTV in Xuyong county.

In this case, Tan songyun and others, as Huangs family members, filed a criminal incidental civil action, demanding that Ma compensate for death compensation, medical expenses, and loss of work expenses, totaling more than 5.01 million yuan. In addition, the other two injured claimed more than 300000 yuan and 1110000 yuan respectively.

The public prosecutor believes that Ma should be sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years. Ma has the mood of turning himself in, but whether to deal with leniency or not should be strictly controlled. His attitude of confession and penitence is different from other cases. Up to now, Ma still has no remorse. Ma did not actively fulfill the compensation, did not obtain understanding, and did not resolve social conflicts.

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