Dry goods article: the list of domestic smart hotel brands is packaged and submitted, please check it!!!!!

 Dry goods article: the list of domestic smart hotel brands is packaged and submitted, please check it!!!!!

Products: intelligent robot, front desk self-service machine, face brush open door, intelligent speaker, voice remote control, Rubiks cube controller, random panel.


Bangwei is a hotel intelligent service provider with rapid development in recent years. Its door lock system is very good, from the traditional room card and fingerprint to the more popular mobile phone and face brush. Moreover, the door lock has many styles and the quality is guaranteed. The only drawback is that it is fully connected. Some solutions will be disconnected and unable to operate. Therefore, the hotel network is still required Very high. Products: lighting module, identity recognition, electric curtain, network door lock, visual cat eye.


PuJies guest control system is also well-known in the industry. It mainly focuses on the door display business based on CAN bus and focuses on the research and development of hotel self-service terminal equipment. It has certain advantages in self-service machine and front-end system. However, due to the background restriction of production-oriented enterprises, its R & D development has been relatively slow and the product update is relatively slow.

Products: Hotel PMS, modular passenger control system, intelligent wristwatch, wechat self-service check-in and check-out, energy consumption management.

Bit Intelligence:

Born in Rizhao electronics factory, Rizhao electronic factory is a typical science and technology enterprise incubated by the factory production line. Bits hotel weak current solution is very excellent, focusing on the hotel telephone R & D, communication advantages are particularly obvious, although the construction period will be a little longer, but the product stability is very good, need to ensure the hotel network conditions, can run efficiently.


The first enterprises to launch ZigBee wireless smart home system mainly aim at the family environment, and the stability needs to be improved. However, the appearance is very high, the panel is very beautiful, and the overall color is black + gray + white, which looks like a strong sense of grade. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485