Peinahai limited time shop in taiguli, Sanlitun, Beijing

 Peinahai limited time shop in taiguli, Sanlitun, Beijing

Penahai has been committed to creating innovative experience for customers, and further strengthening the contact with customers from online to offline.

This time in taiguli, Sanlitun, penahai presents its marine DNA and adventurous spirit in a trendsetters land, which we have been looking forward to for a long time, said Jean Marc pontrou u00e9, chief executive officer of penahai.

Inspired by the origin of the brand and the ocean world, and rooted in the history of the Italian royal navy, Pena time limited shop is like a deep-sea ship, dormant underwater, hidden in the mysterious treasures, which need to be explored by heroes. The limited time shop covers an area of about 117 square meters. When you step into the shop, you will find a large fluorescent green wall clock with laser mapping. Inspired by the landmark dial of penahai, there is a small second dial at 9 oclock. Continue to explore inward, surrounded by all kinds of shipboard necessities: oxygen cylinders, periscopes, roller skating chains A huge ship anchor hidden in a corner, the deep-sea ship waiting to pull anchor again set sail.

The shop design deduces the Steampunk style and shows the unique brand style of penahai. The special theme decoration in the store not only displays the brand history, technology and leading technology, but also reveals the origin of penahai and the ocean, the boundless passion for the ocean, and the unstoppable spirit of adventure.

Penahai has created an exploration space for contemporary heroes, an underwater world dedicated to them. The aim of the brand is to let more guests know about penahai through immersive interactive experience, feel the brand brings them a new and different feeling, and enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience, said Alvaro magini, creative director of penahai.

The submirsible sneak watch of pennahai u2013 42mm (pam00974) also stands out. This watch case is made of gold Tech? Red gold of panahai. This special alloy is made of 18K gold and other precious metals, containing platinum and a high proportion of copper. It has a bright color and oxidation resistance. It is matched with a black ceramic ring to show its extraordinary bearing.

In addition, the time limited shop has specially set up a high complexity wristwatch exhibition area, which highlights the profound attainments of penahai as a Florence brand in Italy, and its unique creativity to demonstrate the profound attainments of precision Swiss watch making technology. A 47 mm (pam00768) Tourbillon frame is perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the balance wheel and runs once every 30 seconds at a speed of 30 seconds, which overturns the traditional Tourbillon operation mode. This design not only amazes the world, but also aims to better compensate for the influence of gravity on the operation of the regulator by increasing the number of rotations, so as to make the travel time more accurate, and fully demonstrate the superb watch making technology of penahai.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi_ NQ4682