Himalayan 91 learning season comes to start charging plan in the second half of the year

 Himalayan 91 learning season comes to start charging plan in the second half of the year

Childrens education channel launched to run the new school year

Workplace parents generally face the problem of no time to accompany their children. Anxiety has become the daily emotion of contemporary parents.

In order to cultivate childrens core literacy in the fields of physical and mental health, language ability, scientific thinking, artistic cultivation and so on, so that children can obtain the happiness accomplishment of life-long benefits. In addition to protecting eyesight, the childrens education channel in Himalaya has been officially launched in 91 learning season.

The channel is aimed at children aged 3 to 12 years old. It covers such international well-known childrens IP as Disney English graded stories, Sherlock Holmes childrens radio series, snow and ice u00b7 Disney Princess Stories, and Magic School Bus classic stories. It also has Chinese 125 + high score secret book, big Chinese teacher group: a must read classic book and super teacher Zhang Zuqing: A large number of high-quality famous teacher courses, such as high score composition class in primary school, famous teacher Li Bo: Chinese enlightenment course, Wang Jinxins history lecture and Wang Dans interesting history course, combine discipline education with quality education, and focus on the cultivation of core literacy of Chinese discipline. These excellent courses will enjoy a 60% discount in 91 study season.

During the learning season, new courses are on-line. Langlang, a course specially made for children, Langlang: piano lessons for children, is launched exclusively in Himalaya. The course selects 50 pieces of Piano Masterpieces from level 3 to level 8 of Chinese piano grading examination. Audio teaching and video performance demonstration cover 300 core knowledge points, 50 music styles and 30 important composers. It comprehensively and systematically improves performance skills and music literacy, so that children can also acquire master level musical intuition and music technology.

Dou Shen, the founder of big Chinese, also brought the latest course doushen big Chinese: intensive lectures on classic masterpieces in primary and secondary schools, which started with a number of famous school masters. The 300 courses comprehensively interpreted 40 required reading masterpieces in primary and secondary schools, covering reading and writing knowledge points of primary and secondary school students, and improving examination skills. Help children to improve their reading capacity, memorize knowledge points skillfully, Master examination skills, and steadily improve their Chinese scores.

In recent years, in order to make students more convenient to use the audio of free authentic textbooks, Himalaya has reached official cooperation with dozens of textbook publishing houses, such as peoples education press, Beijing Normal University Press, Tsinghua University Press, Pearson publishing house and Beijing Publishing House, to introduce teaching materials and auxiliary teaching materials. Among them, the teaching materials of Beijing Publishing House are exclusively authorized by the whole network. Up to now, Chinese teaching materials and more than 20 sets of primary school English textbooks have been compiled in China, covering 70% of the country. Now, these teaching materials can be found on the Himalayan childrens education channel.

Punch in full to open the charging plan for the second half of the year

Under the general trend of knowledge updating and easy access, slash youth and compound talents have become a hot topic. Education has gradually changed from imparting knowledge and reciting knowledge to imparting thinking mode and letting people use knowledge. Study and work become indistinguishable and complementary.

At the beginning of the school season, the demand for foreign language learning will reach the peak of the whole year. In this years 91 learning season, Himalaya united with China daily.com launched the English unlimited Listening Program, with the money of one course to listen to more than 100 excellent foreign language courses.

In the 91 learning season, Himalaya also launched a charging plan for the second half of the year for the workplace. Through the fine distribution of professional skills content, it helps employees find solutions for self-improvement. Feng Luns private business talk, Ma Yun: my management experience and Harvard happiness class lecturers personal teaching: happiness methodology and other high-quality personal promotion content of the workplace can enjoy 60% discount. Purchase clock in albums, create personal learning plans, complete the learning clock in task, and return the happy points in full.