Shanghai Water Expo: a new industry benchmark for customized aiot smart water purification solutions

 Shanghai Water Expo: a new industry benchmark for customized aiot smart water purification solutions

In addition, during the exhibition, the organizers held nearly 100 special industry summit forums, and the professional exhibition + dry goods meeting brought additional exposure opportunities for exhibitors: help enterprises maintain customer relations more efficiently, expand business cooperation, promote new products and services, enhance brand image, form the whole industry chain pattern and strong scale effect, share audience resources and make the exhibition more effective Fruit escort, win the advantage in the market competition!

11. Founder of science and Technology (Dr. Li Zhiqiang) shared the development of intelligent water purificationu2014u2014

Come back after the epidemic, one eye super monitoring technology to protect drinking water

Traditional water quality detection technology is mainly based on electrochemical analysis or automatic dosing spectrophotometry. This kind of water purifier is expensive and can not be used in domestic water treatment equipment.

A chip level water quality monitoring module exhibited by Yimu technology in this exhibition fills the blank of online water quality monitoring system in the whole basin. As the worlds first portable real-time online water quality monitoring equipment based on microfluidic microspectrum technology and integrating a variety of micro sensors, it can quickly detect more than nine water quality indicators, such as total organic carbon (TOC), total dissolved solids (TDS), heavy metals, turbidity, pH, etc., and detect specific pollutants.

With the intensive research of Yimu science and technology in the field of microfluidic technology, a breakthrough was made: the large-scale chemical analysis laboratory equipment was miniaturized, at the same time, the detection equipment was really low-cost, so that the laboratory technology can be applied to the household water purifier, making it more intelligent, safe and reliable.

Intelligent monitoring instant drinking water purifieru2014u2014

Advocate intelligent water purification and create a sensible, closed-loop and linkage intelligent water purification scheme

When it comes to its water purification products, we have to say that they are really bright spots and different. For example, Yimu intelligent water purifier is a set of filtration, heating, water quality monitoring, mobile phone IOT and other functions as one of the intelligent water purification equipment. The companys unique micro optical spectrum and microfluidic sensor can monitor the contents of total organic carbon (TOC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water in real time, so as to provide users with high-quality drinking water.

One eye multi index water quality detectoru2014u2014

The intelligent fresh program, UV sterilization program and filter life reminder of the equipment are all customized based on water quality data. Through the leading-edge Internet of things big data technology, the user experience is further improved while ensuring the safety of water use. Users can also view the water quality data, purification effect and filter element consumption at any time through the one view app, and support the remote start-up of equipment for self-cleaning function, which fundamentally solves the pain points faced by users in the process of drinking water.

Industry evaluation, praise a new way of water purification

The application of artificial intelligence, AI technology and IOT Internet technology can integrate more and more intelligent scenarios into innovative products. As a technology driven high-tech enterprise, Yimu technology has a professional technical team with ingenuity in scientific research, integrating sensor technology into the field of water purification, so as to better realize intelligent water purification.

According to different user scenarios, scientific and reasonable collocation is carried out to realize high-quality experience such as program customization, filter element customization and water temperature customization, so as to bring intelligent water purification experience of active service for consumers.

The founder of science and Technology (Dr. Li Zhiqiang) was interviewed by Shanghai TV station at the water exhibitionu2014u2014

In the exhibition, one eye microspectral technology was deeply appraised by professional visitors from all over the world in the water purification industry. And one project will also be explored in different fields. These will lay a foundation for the development of products based on artificial intelligence.