Digitalization has become a just need for the development of catering group, and meituan cashier helps chain merchants iteration basic skills

 Digitalization has become a just need for the development of catering group, and meituan cashier helps chain merchants iteration basic skills

In this years list, the brands on the list include not only famous dinner brands, but also many fast food brands, as well as many kinds of flavor snacks and leisure drinks. But it is worth noting that most of them are chain catering brands.

In recent years, chain catering brands have ushered in great development opportunities. According to the white paper, the actual growth rate of Chinas catering market will be 8% in 2019, and the growth rate of Chinese catering chain brands is far more than that of the big market, with the number of stores increasing by 27%.

As one of the mainstream modes of catering chain, franchise mode is also in continuous evolution with the difference of overall market environment and brand development stage. Pei Liang, President of China chain operation association, said that since 2010, franchising has entered the 3.0 era of platform type digital licensing. Chinas leading wave of Internet digitization has provided fertile soil for the innovative growth of franchise chains, making China a leading position in the global franchise track.

Digitalization is just needed for catering development, and meituan cashier helps chain merchants iterate basic skills

With the development of the catering industry, the industry has entered the digital era in line with the market trend. At the parallel forum of the summit, Wang Dongfeng, market leader of meituan cash register products, believed that with the development of catering collectivization, headquarters need to know and guide the operation of each store, and digitalization will become more and more necessary.

According to Wang Dongfeng, digitization is based on sensors. Data is automatically generated and then entered into the system. This is called digitization. In fact, meituan cash register, a catering management system, just takes on the role of sensor. By identifying the consumption information of users, understanding the taste and preferences of users and the flow of different catering stores, chain merchants can adjust the marketing mode according to the actual situation of sales at any time, basic skills of iterative catering.

For chain franchise brands, enterprises need data support to timely grasp the sales trend of stores and estimate the sales volume of each branch. Meituan cash register relies on the technical basis of meituans review big data, which can provide the brand with the required data support.

A few days ago, meituan announced the launch of the small selection set meal. As the first batch of cooperative merchants, several well-known chain catering brands in China have launched small package dishes suitable for different dining scenes. At the same time, meituan cashier also upgraded supply chain and other services. According to Wang Dongfeng, meituans comprehensive analysis of the stores weather data and past business data can help merchants estimate the stock volume, reduce the waste of catering materials, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

For example, through the digital management of stores, the chain brand laoma rice noodles can do a good job in the prediction of food ingredients, which not only ensures the sales of dishes in the store, but also reduces the overstock in inventory and reduces the waste of food materials. Through the supply chain service of meituan cashier, and through the intelligent purchasing data model, according to the store inventory, product sales, turnover and other multi-dimensional analysis, it can estimate the quantity of goods ordered in the store.

As a life service technology platform with food as the core, meituan has been deeply engaged in the catering industry for 10 years, and has accumulated a large number of catering consumption and business data. It hopes to use these data to support the healthy development of the industry and help people eat better and live better.