The 22-year-old net star female teacher was cut by her ex boyfriend, and the murderer has been executed

 The 22-year-old net star female teacher was cut by her ex boyfriend, and the murderer has been executed

Pictures of previous court trials

After receiving the criminal ruling of the Supreme Peoples court, Ningbo intermediate peoples court made a declaration to Wu Yidong and executed Wu Yidong on August 31, 2020 in accordance with the execution order issued by the president of the Supreme Peoples court. Procuratorial organs shall send personnel to supervise on the spot according to law. Before the execution of the death penalty, Ningbo intermediate peoples court arranged for Wu Yidong to meet with his close relatives according to law.

After waiting for two years, we finally got the news. For two years after my daughter left, I was waiting for this day to come. It was this idea that kept me alive. Chen Qiaofengs mother cried over the phone.

After breaking up, ex boyfriends pester for compound and stab and kill girls downtown after being refused

According to previous reports by Red Star News, 22-year-old Chen Qiaofeng was killed in public by his ex boyfriend Wu Yidong in a downtown shopping mall in Cixi, Zhejiang Province, on the night of August 1, 2018. It was soon recognized that Chen Qiaofeng, the tiktok dance teacher with about 400000 fans and about 3000000 points, was a voice teacher on the shaking.

A photo of Chen Qiaofeng when he was working

When Chen Qiaofeng proposed to break up, Wu Yidong followed Chen Qiaofeng, threatened and harassed him for a long time, and even shot videos of abusing Chen Qiaofengs pet dog to force Chen Qiaofeng to reunite with him. After being refused many times, Wu Yidong followed Chen Qiaofeng all the way from his work place on the night of the incident. After Chen Qiaofeng found out, he ran all the way to get rid of him. Wu Yidong, wearing a mask and carrying a sharp knife, chased Chen Qiaofeng in front of a shopping mall in the downtown area. He forced Chen Qiaofeng into the building and stabbed Chen Qiao with a sharp knife in front of a doll clamping machine in the downtown shopping mall Abundant abdomen, neck and other parts. According to the forensic examination, Chen Qiaofeng had 16 knives in his body, causing 32 wounds. Among them, he twisted the blade after stabbing into his body. The total length of the wound was 40 cm. Chen Qiaofeng died of acute massive hemorrhage. Wu Yidong fled the scene and then surrendered to the public security organs.

On May 30, 2019, Wu Yidong was sentenced to death for intentional homicide, deprived of political rights for life. Wu Yidong refused and appealed.

On December 9, 2019, the second instance of Zhejiang Higher Peoples court rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment. The Zhejiang Higher Peoples court held that the defendant Wu Yidong stabbed the victims vital body parts in public places with a sharp knife in his face, which resulted in the death of one person. His behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide. The defendant, Wu Yidong, is subjective and dangerous. The criminal means are cruel, the consequences of the crime are serious, and the social impact is bad. Moreover, the victim has no responsibility for the fault or aggravating the contradiction. Therefore, although the defendant has the circumstances of surrender, it is still not enough to get a lighter punishment. The nature of the original judgment and the application of law are correct, the sentencing is appropriate, and the trial procedure is legal. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the court ruled to reject the appeal and maintain the original sentence. The death sentence of the defendant Wu Yidong was submitted to the Supreme Peoples court for approval.

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The murderer was sentenced to death mother: no apology

At about 9:00 p.m. on August 1, 2018, a girl was killed by her ex boyfriend in a shopping mall in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. Xiao Chen was a local preschool dance teacher, aged 22, and she was a net red with nearly 400 thousand fans and about 3000000 tiktok. On May 30, Zhejiang Ningbo intermediate court pronounced a sentence in the first instance of the case, and the court sentenced Wu to death for intentional homicide.

In early 2017, Xiao Chen and Wu developed into male and female friends after they met. During this period, the two people have broken up many times and then reunited. Until July 2018, after the two broke up, Xiao Chen no longer paid attention to Wu, but Wu was still entangled for many times and wanted to get back together. Before the crime, Xiao Chen went to see a movie. Wu once madly called Xiao Chen and threatened by SMS. After Xiao Chen entered the mall, Wu put on a mask and took a fruit knife. He wrapped the red clothes on his car and ran after Xiao Chen. Later, Wu caught up with her and forced her to the doll shop opposite the cinema. In the quarrel, Wu forcibly hugged Xiao Chen who wanted to leave, and then stabbed her abdomen and neck with a knife, resulting in her acute massive hemorrhage.

On the morning of April 3, 2019, the case was heard in the first instance. At that time, according to the prosecutions accusation, on August 1, 2018, when Wu was waiting for Xiao Chen near the door of the victims work place, he saw Xiao Chen in a car and drove after him. When the vehicle drove to the vicinity of xinduhui in Cixi City, Xiao Chen got off the bus. Later, Wu, wearing a mask and carrying a sharp knife, overtook Xiao Chen and forced him into a shop. In the shop, Wu stabbed Xiao Chens abdomen, neck and other parts with a sharp knife, resulting in Xiao Chens head and arm stem being punctured and died of acute massive hemorrhage. The prosecution believes that Wus method is particularly cruel, the plot is extremely bad, and the consequences are extremely serious.

For the charges, Wu said in the trial that he was not premeditated, but wanted to find Xiao Chen to compound. He told the court that after the breakup, he used many methods to hope to get back together, but none of them worked. He took the knife to scare Xiao Chen and hope that he could change his mind. According to the prosecution, the victim, Xiao Chen, was stabbed more than ten times. The first three stabs were in the abdomen. After being stabbed in the abdomen, the victim fell down and his neck was exposed in front of the defendant. Wu stabbed the victim five more times in the neck As for why he stabbed so many knives, Wu said that his brain was blank after the first stab.

Xiao Chens mothers mother told Beiqing newspaper that after the incident, they did not receive Wus apology in any way, even in the court, he did not apologize to us. Xiao Chens mother said on her microblog: daughter, how much I hope time can stay on the day before you leave the world, so that your mother can hold you and make you look like a grown-up child. Listen to you talk about your little troubles in life and listen to you call your mother again.

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