During the epidemic period, there were 6 breakup stories

 During the epidemic period, there were 6 breakup stories

Story one

@Xu luozhi comes from knowing:

Break up on Valentines day.

In the first four or five days have no way to communicate, no matter what topic he said, he will only say, you are really hypocritical, no conscience! The motherland is so difficult now, dont you know! How much I love my motherland! Youre thinking about all sorts of things!

Valentines Day. I said, tell you a secret. Today is Valentines day

He said, dont you know whats going on in the motherland? Have western countries reached out to us? Its Valentines day in the West!

The following are all kinds of similar words, and then deleted.

Thats it. You think youre right. I think Im right. I just want to talk about the matter, not the mention of the epidemic and you win.

Uncles note: it seems that every time we talk to him, we should first say long live our motherland and then enter the topic.

Its not that we cant see each other, but the timing is not right. Before we have accumulated enough emotional foundation, we suddenly have to be verified by the epidemic to wash the firmness of our feelings. In retrospect, those memories are actually mixed.

Uncles note: if the emotional foundation is not strong enough, the epidemic may be used as an excuse for breaking up. Life needs some common experience to make love stronger. The epidemic is a chance to make love stronger...

Story three

@Sharon comes from Zhihu:

The advantage of breaking up at this time is that the surrounding atmosphere is very light and full of frustration, which will not seem too strange. The disadvantage of breaking up at this time is that you cant even find someone to go out for a drink, you cant go out to travel for relaxation, its very difficult to vent your emotions and adjust your state, and you cant calm down and do things well.

Small people always like to connect their joys and sorrows with the great events in the long river of history. They seem to be in the dark, doomed and special.

I broke up the night before academician Zhong Nanshan told you that there was a risk of human transmission. After that, bad things came one after another. Everyone said they wanted to restart 2020, and all kinds of magic reality also showed their original shape.

Together for four years, undergraduate to graduate students, has been regarded as a model couple. Suddenly was broken up, the accident is not unexpected, I have long felt, just do not want to admit, and sunk cost is very big, also did not want to give up. After this battle, I felt like the person who fired the first shot in Nanchang Uprising. It was a bit solemn and stirring. In fact, Im not small, but I still stick to my students thinking. Its really silly and naive to deal with some things. I always want to rely on him instead of facing the difficulties and hardships of life. From that day on, the veil of my fantasy of a better world was lifted, and I might have to usher in a change of my own. I could no longer be naive in my life or in my affairs. I want to learn to be an adult.

Recently, a real estate in the place where we studied was very good. My parents considered subsidizing me, but they felt that the burden was a little heavy. They also asked me to ask whether we should buy them together. I didnt stop yelling and yelling with my parents, but I didnt dare to say that I broke up. (in the past, I always took a serious attitude towards long-term development in front of my parents, but the man was quite opposite to me. For this reason, I also argued with my parents. PS proved that it was just my side who fought hard to maintain this relationship.)

Its hard for me, and for my dear mom and Dad, Ill be happy! You are the most reliable!

Uncles note: the epidemic also gives you a chance to grow up.

Story four

@A worm comes from knowing:

Sister, Xiao Zhan, lets get to know about it.

I broke up on about 1.23. Wow, its been a month! Why is it possible? Because I didnt even say goodbye. The background is like this. I work in Hangzhou and he is in Beijing. Our family are all in Shaanxi, but not in one place. We all asked for leave a year ago and went home in advance. The original plan was to stay at home for six or seven days. Then we went to Beijing from our own home on the fourth day of junior high school. The tickets to Beijing have been bought. But in those days, I felt that the epidemic situation was developing very seriously, so I told him that we should not go to Beijing in advance and stay at home. After we went to Beijing, we had to eat out. If we were infected at this time, we would really regret it. The family would not let us go out in advance. Then he asked, did you not go to work after that? I said go, there is no way to work. He said that the problem is very serious. If you can go to see him at work, there is no way. Then we should never see him again. Maybe my own expression is not good, which makes him feel uncomfortable. I mean it is not thoughtful. I told him a lot later. I sent him a lot of news and never returned. On New Years Eve, I sent him a happy new year. He didnt come back. My family didnt know and was still asking about us, but I cheated them. I deleted him once and added it back in the evening. Many times before, I couldnt survive the cold war for a week. It was me who asked for him. Its been a month this time. I know its not a cold war, its a breakup. Its just that I didnt say goodbye. I came to Hangzhou in advance. First, I wanted to stagger the peak period. Secondly, I had to continue to pretend at home. It was very uncomfortable. I was especially asked about marriage promotion. I have been to his home, he has not come to my home, I concluded that it was a break-up, but also because her mother, after all, during the Chinese new year, if he did not explain with his family, his mother would send me a message to say hello, but no, nothing. Later, I sent some insurance advertisements, and I am also his mothers customer. Hate valentines day finally passed, a month, there was a dream of him, in the dream he asked me that I still love him. I know we dont fit in, the kind that cant get married. I hope he wont come to me. As long as he comes, I will be soft hearted, and it seems that I hope he will come to me. This time, I will not take the initiative to send him messages.

During this period, it was Xiao Zhan. Wang Yibo accompanied me through. Before I saw the petition, I went into their pit. During this period, I brush them crazily. One night, I saw Xiao Zhans reply to the welfare of fans last year. I cried for a long time. Anyway, in my rental room in the middle of the night, a person would not disturb others, cry bitterly and cry happily. For the first time, I felt the power of idols for the first time. Sisters can try, Amway fight to you, although not completely cured, but always get some strength.

Uncles note: because the wording is not right, it leads to your disintegration. How fragile this love is. The epidemic broke up and Xiao Zhan became black.

Story 5

@Anonymous users come from Zhihu:

The existence of these pig headed men is not as good as being single. I dont have any points now, but Im on the edge. It suddenly dawned on me during this period of time. In fact, apart from the fact that I spent some time chatting with me at the beginning of my love, he always felt flustered when he chatted with me later.

At the moment, the family at home is enjoying playing mahjong, drinking tea, chatting, eating and drinking every day. Where can I think of me? I send a message. Its normal that I dont reply. Its just a word or two reply in three or four hours. Thats how Im grateful. On January 27, there was no news on the first anniversary of love. People said that he didnt remember the day. The key was that I told him that he didnt have any reaction, no matter it was guilt or fear. Instead, they asked me what had happened to me. Valentines day did not say that he would not come to me before the gifts were delivered. In the same city, he went to the supermarket every day to buy KFC and sushi, but he didnt say he would come to see me. I received 520 red packets without any further information. Talk to him for a while on Valentines day. He thinks I disturb him to play games. Well, first of all, its not much different from breaking up anyway. Let him continue to wear away my patience, so that the official break-up time may feel great relief and not too sad. Anyway, in special times, even if we break up, we cant let people introduce others to each other. So we wait for the last bit of emotion to be exhausted by him, waiting for me to never see him again, and wait for the epidemic to disperse.

Uncles note: curiosity, the epidemic has gone, how is your love? Mahjong, KFC and games, more than his intimacy to you.

Story 6

After getting together, I found that my favorite person was not him, but the other party proposed, and I agreed to propose on impulse. Dont make trouble when you are old. We had planned to get married next year, but because of the epidemic, we were both trapped at home for a month. There was a huge quarrel. I took this opportunity to propose to cancel the wedding. Compared with marrying someone you dont love to make you unhappy, what is age? Life is short, so be selfish for yourself once.

Uncles note: Thank you for the epidemic, let the feelings show the original shape.

Story seven


It happened that I had a cold and cough in January. I didnt dare to go to the hospital because of the epidemic situation. I didnt get better for a month. I really had difficulty breathing and had to suffocate before going to the hospital. I found that it had developed into pneumonia (bacterial), accompanied by severe allergic asthma. Go to the hospital every day to do atomization, infusion. At that time, my husband and I had just got married, and the house had just been renovated and had not moved together. He came to accompany me every day or two for infusion. My father-in-law also had a cold and cough. He also came to accompany me. Fortunately, his parents didnt get better in two days. After two long months of treatment, I was OK. Later, I chatted with my friends and learned that he always thought that what I got was a new crown. The moment is still very moved, I still took off the mask in his car, tried to breathe, and took off the mask to eat in the hospital.