Playing with pornography, entertainment and sexual assault, Fang Siqi was even regarded as a card of interest game

 Playing with pornography, entertainment and sexual assault, Fang Siqi was even regarded as a card of interest game

Click open the picture to see, the instant Qi and blood surge.

Try to resist the impulse to burst rude, Fang Siqi can be made into a fun board game?

Playing with pornography, entertainment, sexual assault, and human nature?


She is the heroine of Fang Siqis paradise of first love written by Lin Yihan, a Taiwanese female writer.

The cover of this book is very small and fresh,

In fact, it is a work of overdraft life and heartache.

The book tells the story of Fang Siqi, a 13-year-old female student, who was seduced and raped by Li Guohua, a 37 year old cram school teacher, and finally collapsed.

In order to escape the humiliation and trauma of sexual abuse, Fang Siqi, a young girl, chooses to escape and forces herself to fall in love with her teacher

This cruel story has been selling well for three years,

It even promoted the amendment of the law and added the wolf division clause.

For a while, Fang Siqi became a pronoun for a young girl who was sexually assaulted.

Opening the cover of the book, you can see a cruel line:

Adapted from real people

Yes, this is the story of Lin Yihan.

On April 27, 2017, 26 year old Lin Yihan chose to hang himself at home.

The mental torture of severe depression made her worse off than death,

Before committing suicide, she sent a message to her friend:

I wish I had been dead the first time I was raped.

Its hard to imagine how she wrote this book,

Once again, I will uncover my scar,

Just for one wish:

I hope there wont be another Fang Siqi in the world.

But now some people use her pain to attract attention, and treat others hurt as fun. How disgusting is it?


At the same time, I learned from the news that,

Although it is to adults, interest to, but also too explicit.

Interest and pornography have a fuzzy boundary. Even if you want to make money with GHS, please have a long mind.

Is it possible to play with the bad cases of sexual assault in reality?

After the incident, Shanghai adult exhibition gave a response.

One thing that annoys me in the statement is that it highlights:

The organizing teams are all women born in the 1980s and 1990s.

Before apologizing, she pulled the woman out to block the knife and shift the fire.

Ill say the name is my original.

After a while, he said that maybe it was just a mistake. He had the same name and surname.

The results are as follows

I havent read a novel, and I wont be off the shelf.

The name is as like as two peas. Its very clear that even the girl in the table tour is also a doll head student.

He was naked and looked like he had been invaded.

Even after many complaints, they still choose not to replace products.

Do you really want to be that great?

For money and profit,

Choose to abandon the most basic morality of life.

What is hateful is that apart from public opinion attacks,

They dont get any real punishment.


This time, let me think of the previous didi rape live case.

I thought it was a very bad crime, but I didnt expect it was a drama.

In order to make enough gimmicks and money to meet the bad taste of the audience in the live room.

Not only provoked a storm of public opinion, but also wasted the love and attention of netizens.

After the reversal, a wave of keyboard heroes came to scold the bloggers for marketing, rubbing heat, and eyeballs..

I dont think so. Its the worst thing to be used to such bad events.

In this era of Pan entertainment, our feelings of sexual assault and other crimes have changed from sensitivity to numbness.

The reason is simple:

Some people are ignoring it, entertaining it, even conniving at it.

Maybe, thats why the tragedies of Fang Siqis girls emerge in endlessly

People who play board games experience interest, but its hard to guarantee that some people will vent this evil idea into reality.

At that time, how many Fang Siqi and Lin Yihan will appear?