White House infighting: Ivanka wants to weaken stepmother Melania, calling stepdaughter snake

 White House infighting: Ivanka wants to weaken stepmother Melania, calling stepdaughter snake

After a struggle, the first lady referred to her stepdaughter and her allies as the snake because of her appointment of chief of staff by Ivanka.

Melania trump is preparing to give a speech in support of Donald at the Republican National Convention in Washington on Tuesday night, as the latest news of the discord in the first family of the United States came out. Ivanka will introduce his father when Donald accepts the partys nomination on Thursday.

One of the infighting incidents disclosed by Volkov is related to the scandal of former deputy campaign manager Rick gates suspected of manipulating Melanias plagiarism. Melanias speech at the Cleveland Republican National Convention in 2016 was accused of copying Michelle Obama.

One of Melanias assistants took responsibility, but Volkov said in the book: if Ivanka controls Rick, who is said to be the author of Melanias speech, does that mean that Ivanka is behind this serious scandal / destruction?

Ivanka, Trump and Melania

Volkov worked in the White House for Melania trump, hiring staff, organizing events, writing speeches and policy initiatives.

But first, she helped plan Donald Trumps inauguration. Special prosecutor Robert Miller, as well as authorities in New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, have investigated the alleged insider trading activities.

In February 2018, the New York Times reported that Trumps inauguration had raised $107 million (about twice as much as Obamas inauguration in 2009), while an event company founded by Volkov received nearly $26 million. Mr. Volkov was personally paid $1.62 million and deposited $500000 of that in the bank, the paper said.

The first lady refused to defend her friend. Simon Schuster said Melania and I was a response to Melanias betrayal, which almost destroyed Volkov..

In the book, Ivanka is determined to seize the limelight of her stepmother in official activities. She even uses gates, who is accused of perjury to the FBI in Millers tonguemen investigation, as an inside line to spy on the first ladys plan.

Gates reached a plea agreement with the special prosecutor and was sentenced to 45 days in prison.

The conflicts described by Volkov also include: trying to intrude into the inauguration ceremony, leading to the blockade of Ivanka by Volkov and Melania; competing for seats in Trumps first congress speech; inviting Kelly mcnani, who later became the White House press secretary, to work for Melania, the snake incident; and Trumps first release to several Muslim countries While the travel ban sparked protests, the first lady was outraged by the news that the White House was showing the film Finding Nemo 2..

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She changed from an underwear model to a presidents wife, who was asked about the frequency of rooming with her husband

This week, the US Republican Party is holding a national conference as the biggest conference in four years. Every day, trump will invite some very important supporters to give speeches and activities to make relations for the upcoming general election.

But he may not have thought that he should have reached the peak of the heat, but suddenly this week was crushed by a person. This man is no one else, or his wife, the presidents wife, Melania.

As one of the guests at the conference, Melania will give a speech at the White House!

Melania is finally out of the mountain!

As early as last week, I heard that mearen was going to speak, and the media were excited, and the manuscripts were flying. Even those media who were usually taunting trump were looking forward to the emergence of mearen. At the end of her speech, Melania made headlines in various newspapers and made her own efforts to tweet hot search. She contracted three entries for each.

During the live broadcast of the speech, Melania walked along the colonnade of the rose garden of the White House, wearing her favorite military green dress. There was a lot of applause from the audience. I dont know what kind of costume show is about to start.

The speech is said to have been written by her own and has not been reviewed by the White House. Meilas speech was simple, peaceful and did not attack anyone.

Compared with politicians, she stood at the angle of a family member, and Amway Trump:

She talked about her mothers identity and said that trump was also a family struggling person. She said that trump would never give up and would not be overthrown by the media.

She also talked about Trumps understanding of herself as a husband, and praised that he would provide women with higher positions to support women.

For trump himself, meela said so in his speech:

As you all know, he says what he thinks. Although he is often criticized for his indifference, thats what he thinks. He is honest.

In the summers poll, trump found that she could not attract enough female voters, who had fallen behind Biden by more than 20 percentage points. It can be said that if we do not win the female voters, then Trumps election will be even more difficult. After all, everyone knows that he is not a man who respects women.

In contrast, Trumps speech in several children stressed that my father has contributed to XX, my father is a very old president.

Tiffany, the second daughter, and Eric, the youngest son, gave their speeches in a way that was full of emotion and my father. They always felt a little bit too hard.

Their generous and stirring blood talks are nothing more than a continuation of the spirit of Trump - big technology companies are bad guys, and trump can improve employment rate by Balabala.

And she was very fed up with politics. She tried to avoid trump election. Last time she took part in a speech as a great lady, or the Republican convention 4 years ago. As the saying goes, rarity is the most important thing. Melania has a golden mouth every four years and openly supports her husband. It is difficult not to let people wonder what she is doing.

We dont hear her voice very often, which means that every time she speaks, people listen attentively, says the chief of staff of former president Laura Bush.

Whats more funny is that Melanias speech was written by her secretary at the 2016 conference. It was very embarrassing that the manuscript was picked up and copied from the speech of former presidents wife Michelle Obama. After the rollover, Melania herself wrote the speech, which also became the reason why the speech attracted much attention.

I have to say that mearen is really giving face to trump today. Not only did he not put on a bad face in his speech, but he showed a brilliant smile many times. And after the speech, he often refused Trumps meth, and today he was in the mood to open CP, kiss and hug.

No matter what she said, what she wore, or what she did, she was analyzed by everyone. Instead, trump, who sits on the stage today, has become a little old man who doesnt care. This is somewhat different from some peoples impression of Melania

She seems to be a worthless vase. Why should she become the wife of the president?

May Rania is very special. She has a special origin and special aesthetic. As a special wife, she knows the trump way very special.

In 1998, trump, the great wealthy, met young and beautiful Maya in a party in New York. Trump is not just a property tycoon, but also an investor in TV shows and beauty pageant. Some people want to get his favor, but Trumps first time with mearen, he has a rebuff.

Trump did not get the initiative, but Mela could think of what time to contact him and what time he would contact him. Imagine trump, the bus waiting for the phone to ring, its really funny.

A few days later, Melania called and started their relationship. Not long ago, she was just a little village girl in Eastern Europe.

Melania was born in the Slovenian town of sevnita. She grew up rich. Her father worked for the mayor before becoming a successful car dealer. Her mother was a fashion designer.

Slovenian is boring and boring, and people wear the same clothes. But Melania grew up wearing clothes designed and made by her mother, and she is always the most outstanding child in the town. She had been beautiful since she was a child. She clearly realized that she had a superior figure and beautiful blue eyes.

Melania knew that she didnt belong to the town, and she had to escape and live in a bigger place.

As a good student, she studied architectural design at the University of Ljubljana, but before graduating, the Soviet Union collapsed. Seeing the opportunity, Melania decided to drop out of school and go to Europe to work in modeling.

At the age of 18, she signed up with a modeling company in Milan to attend events and shoot advertisements in Europe and the United States. Its also because modeling requires communication with people from many countries. Melania is proficient in Slovenian, French, German and English. She is said to be the most gifted wife of the president of the United States.

At the age of 26, with the help of her model agency boss, she got a long-term job in the United States. Melania was not satisfied. But unlike many people, mearen, who is in the entertainment industry, doesnt love to go to the night party. He never drinks, exercises every day, goes to bed early, gets up early, likes eating fruits, and lives in trump. And trump is the two extremes.

It is said that young Melania has two wishes: one is to become an American and the other is to marry a rich man - her dreams have come true

The presidents wife gets off the top? Have been humiliated by crazy sluts!

It is not easy to emigrate to the United States at 26, and she is lucky to know trump, and let her join the American citizenship faster. She has become the only wife of the President born outside the United States in nearly 200 years, and the only one whose mother tongue is not English.

Unlike the trump trads who want to listen to their husbands and their family, May Rania still looks very proud of himself before trump. Under the premise that trump is too embarrassed, trump can not manage her.

In 2005, Marla gave birth to trumps youngest son, Baron, in 2006. In the heart of meela, Baron is obviously more important than trump. Unlike Trumps childhood, her familys happiness will naturally give her children more love.

To make it easier for Barron to go to school, she refused to take her children to Washington to live in the White House. The White House has been in a state of embarrassment for months without the presidents wife, Trumps life.

Finally, the whole white house even coaxed, and trump changed a maids premarital agreement to get her back to Washington.

More interestingly, Myra insists on teaching Barron to speak Slovenian. Whether in the White House or at home in New York, Myra communicates with her parents and Baron and can use Slovenian. Not only did the secret service staff fail to understand, but trump, one side, could not understand.

Understand Wang, I really dont understand this time. He often complained that he didnt know what they were talking about, as if he were an outsider.

Think of how many older children are trying to rub his enthusiasm, pulling him to speak too late, and Myra has her own small world, he is not welcome to participate. This may be one thing falling one thing.

Melania is known as the most unconventional wife of the president because she doesnt like to participate in political activities, live in the White House and express her opinions. But according to the media, Melanias unconventionality is more reflected in her previous career.

Myra has been a lingerie model and even photographed nude covers for magazines. This is a great disturbance in Trumps election campaign. How can a ladys underwear become a wealthy lady?

Ted Cruz was a party opponent in the 2016 election of trump. His supporters had attacked Madames model career madly, and spread her nude photo, with the words look at this, this is Merania Trump, your next presidents wife. Or you can vote for Cruz.

The host once asked her in front of her on the program whether she was wearing very little, and repeatedly asked her whether she was naked when taking pictures.

When Melania politely smiles and says, not much dressed.

The host said, Oh, my pants are off.

She even asked her husband about the frequency of rooming with her husband on the program, asked her to describe what kind of bikini to wear when she went to the beach, and even said, you have a big chest for a model. the whole process was full of paternal atmosphere, which made people feel uncomfortable.

Even the daily mail has rumoured that Melania used to be a sex worker, saying she has to get out of the top. Maybe its because shes been an underwear model, or maybe its just because shes an Eastern European woman... But its not believable that she lives in a wealthy family.

Later, she also sued the daily mail for paying damages and apologizing publicly.

Melania suffered a lot of Slut humiliation before she became the presidents wife. But most of the time, shes not afraid of being criticized.

Trump: she can get everything she wants.

Dont want trump to refuse to use every pore of his body.

(congratulations on the failure of holding hands between male and female guests)

A face of rejection, accepting the trump ceremony of Trump:

On Trumps birthday, she never wished her birthday. On Valentines day, she was alone with her son in a mansion in New York.

In the first half of trump, when he shouted at the white house against wearing masks, mearen gave a picture of himself wearing a mask, and reminded everyone to wear masks to save lives and not to attend the rally. A lot of people liked her. She was not a dependency of trump, and she had her own ideas.

This is the art of expression that Meran has been working with with trump for many years. After becoming president, she often used clothes to express her subtext.

Trump make impertinent remarks in October 2016, and said in an interview, when you are a big star, what you do can be done, you can catch their Grabthembythepussy. It was made a big fuss by the media.

On the second day, mearen, who was in the activities with trump, wore a big pink Gucci shirt. After checking, he knew that the name of the shirt was called pussy-bow shirt, as if he was trying to provoke the media and mocking Trumps sand sculpture.

Dislike trump, she thought she would deliberately dress up for the occasion, because she knew that trump hated her. For example, the white pants at the state of the Union conference in 2018.

Another example is that Ivanka, who was full of ambition at that time, had an eye on the presidents wifes office and wanted to take credit for her work with women and children.

The spearhead pointed at Ivanka, who wanted to be on the top at any time, and finally took back his wifes office.

Trumps opinion is also very important to her. For example, the vice president was being selected. Trump, who had no idea in several people, made mearen a judge. After MEAs exposure, she told Trump: Burns, he has no ambition, and is content to work under your shadow. What others want is your position.

Now, Burns is indeed a vice president and never grabs the popularity of trump. Mearen, who is very accurate, can say everything in every sentence. Trump also said she is a wise woman.

She wanted to leave a small town in Slovenia, and she did. She asked herself and her children to keep both American and Slovenian citizenship, and she got it

She asked the White House to prepare her separate bedroom on the two floor to avoid the night owl trump, who sleeps all night in the three bedroom. She got it.

She never denied that she married trump for money, and who didnt want to be rich wife? Of course, she did.

For 15 years, she was the most neglected partner of Trumps partners, but now they have been together for more than Trumps two ex-wife. Trump, a sophistry, is still frustrated when he first met in front of mearen. Sometimes you need to compromise with her, sometimes you dare not speak.

Because he needs Melanias advice, popularity, company.

Like trump, mearen can get everything she wants.

Whether its luck, wisdom in getting along with people, beauty, or a clear sense of self, Melania is a legend. There has never been a 26-year-old man who came to the United States 20 years later to speak in the garden of the White House and roll his eyes at a billionaire husband.

People always ask mearen, is it a love or a deal between you and trump? Its nothing. Melania has the initiative to choose. Compared with vase, she is the chief director of her own life movie

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