The whole exposure of drugged rapist girl: only one second after drug administration in wine, her memory is lost after waking up

 The whole exposure of drugged rapist girl: only one second after drug administration in wine, her memory is lost after waking up

A foreign lady shows you how easy it is to put medicine into the wine

Being mixed in various objects and crossing your glass quickly:

When pretending to hold a glass, he stealthily throws the medicine hidden in his fingers into your cup:

Using exaggerated expressions and limbs to cover up the delivery of drugs:

Apologize for being late, divert your attention, and then quickly administer the medicine:

Whats more, the young lady in the video said that she had never done such a thing before.

But she only used two minutes to practice, she has mastered five ways of dosing.

A set of action flow, do not know the inside of the people can not see any flaws!

However, it is such a little trick, but a group of people deduce it into a more dirty and dirty means, killing countless innocent women.

The world is beautiful, but there are always dark corners where the sun cant shine. There are crimes that we dont know.

The girl and her four-year-old friend met for dinner in a cafeteria. When the girl got up and left alone, the boy took the opportunity to pour some white powder into the girls cup

The boy with a guilty conscience sprinkles the powder everywhere in a tense mood.

There are still obvious traces of powder on their dining table

Out of the protection of the unknown girl, the shop assistant who witnessed everything happened to take the cup away and take photos to keep the certificate for renewal.

Then he took the opportunity to pull the girl aside and tell the truth:

Hukou escape although the girl avoided a disaster, but also insomnia every night, live in fear every day.

She didnt know what her friends wanted to do to herself, and how many girls were facing the same situation.

In order to protect himself, he begged the girl for mercy and admitted his crime to her in order to reconcile.

He confessed that the powder put into the girls Cup was a Aphrodisiac purchased from the United States

He ground the pill into powder and poured it into the girls cup. The other piece was still in his hands

The reason why we want to use this medicine on girls is to verify the effect of this medicine, and it is convenient to use it on his cold girlfriend

And now the drugged man has been jailed for rape:

However, how many girls in the world can have such luck?

As she said:

We should not rely on luck alone.

Over the years, sexual assault cases have never stopped in this society, and Ecstasy has become a major weapon of crime.

Many people dont know that these so-called overpowering drugs are actually all kinds of anesthetics.

According to the law, such drugs belong to the category of psychotropic substances, and it is illegal to sell them privately. However, the reality is not optimistic.

A large number of overpowering drugs have long been disguised as common things in life, invading around us.

Water camouflaged as coke:

Aphrodisiacs disguised as gum:

The more skillful the camouflage is, the easier it is for people to relax their vigilance, and more and more people will be victimized

However, what is more terrible is that there are not a few such demons in reality.

Blogger @ girl, dont be afraid to publish a chat record of a group with nearly 300 members. The group discussed how to rape women every day and broadcast the process of adultery:

These demons exchange their experiences in group chat, show off their achievements, and even engage in illegal transactions, forming a huge chain of interests

There are even sellers in the circle of friends to show a variety of after-sales feedback screenshots!

You know, behind every screenshot, its likely that a girl is being violated:

After seeing such cases, many people will subconsciously put the responsibility on the victims

Why dont those people look for someone else? Flies dont bite seamless eggs!

Who told her to go to the bar alone in the middle of the night?

Isnt it just right that shes wearing such a short skirt?


But just as the microblog netizen @ my leaf no longer said:

Oh, women do not want to dance, do not wear short skirts, do not go out at night, step by step to transfer their rights, what do you want in the future? Is it possible for women to step back and solve problems in this social environment?

Yes, what says that girls dont want to dance is to restrict their freedom, and what they say should be educating boys to respect girls is just some simple nice words.

To put an end to this kind of bad behavior, the most important thing is that the system, management and punishment are in place!

People are separated from each other, and you dont know whether the person standing in front of you is a person or a ghost.

While calling for the improvement of the system, we still need to emphasize that we should pay attention to protect ourselves. Please be careful to guard against strangers and people with abnormal behaviors.

When you find that you may be drugged, you must learn to save yourself!

You should know that the drugs on the market can not achieve the effect of dizziness at the smell. Once you detect the abnormality, these operations may save your life

1. When you have different drinking reactions, please stop drinking immediately. Even if there is nothing abnormal in the wine, you should know that it is your body that warns you to reject such drinks;

2. When you find that you may be drugged, drink plenty of ice water immediately, or drink tap water directly to the tap. In this way, it can not only dilute the medicine in the intestines and stomach, alleviate the absorption speed, but also achieve a certain effect of gastric lavage. If can drink to produce vomit, the effect is best;

3. Dont try to hurt and stimulate the body to bring pain, and force yourself to stay awake. Doing so will only stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the absorption of the drug effect, which is counterproductive;

4. In case of any abnormality, please call the police immediately. Even if you have friends with you, you must remember to call the police and tell yourself that you may be drugged;

5. Finally, after being rescued, please remember to seek medical examination in time to minimize the harm to the body.

Women must be like antelope on the African prairie, always alert to the wind and grass around, never relax.

Because the moment of relaxation is the time of their death.

However, our human society, how should not be the African prairie.

I hope that one day, girls can wear their favorite shorts and skirts,

Live happily in the sun.

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