Green media hype: the PLA military plane is less than 80 kilometers away from the special plane of the Czech delegation

 Green media hype: the PLA military plane is less than 80 kilometers away from the special plane of the Czech delegation

According to the report, the relationship between the United States and China continues to be tense, and the recent military operations of the PLA are abnormal.. Taiwan military fans recorded on 29, 30 and 31 last month that the PLA deliberately turned on the signal flight path, while the Taiwan Army turned on the radio twice at 9:58 a.m. and 11:2 a.m. on August 30 to drive away PLA aircraft.

The report quoted senior Xu, a veteran military fan in Taiwan, as saying that PLA military aircraft turned on signals for days in a row, which was quite rare in the past. At more than 10 am on August 30, and even less than 80 km away from the special plane of the Czech delegation, it can be seen that there is a strong warning..

Regarding the presence of PLA military aircraft in the Taiwan Strait, air force commander Zhang Chunhui, a spokesman for the eastern theater, said that Taiwan and its affiliated islands are a sacred and inseparable part of Chinas territory, and that Chinas armed forces combat readiness cruise is completely legitimate and legal, and is a necessary action to be taken in response to the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty. The theater forces are determined and capable of thwarting all separatist activities of Taiwan independence, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and resolutely safeguard peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region.

Senior Colonel Wu Qian, a spokesman for Chinas Ministry of defense, has previously said that Taiwan is an integral part of China. Taiwan affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs and no external interference is allowed. The PLA has always been on high alert and has firm will, full confidence and sufficient capacity to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region.

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Wang Yi warned Czech Speaker: we must pay a heavy price!

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Czech political leaders lead 89 people to visit Taiwan, Wang Yi: challenging the one China principle will surely pay a heavy price (source: original)

This incident is a very serious political event. Wang Yi, Chinas State Councilor and foreign minister, who is visiting Germany, said at a press conference that Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinas territory. To challenge the one China principle on the Taiwan issue is to oppose the 1.4 billion Chinese people, which is an act of international breach of trust. The Chinese government and people will never let go of the open provocation of the Czech Senate President and the Anti China forces behind it. They must pay a heavy price for their short-sighted behavior and political speculation.

Chinas warning is not to say, but this account is to be recorded, the future is to be calculated!

In fact, the relationship between China and the Czech government is good. President Zeman has always maintained good relations with China. So why is China so hostile to the president of the Senate? Even provoking China on the Taiwan issue?

In fact, this is a political speculation by the Czech politicians against and against China. Councilor westercher is ambitious. He tries to win the support of the United States by provoking China, and then seeks greater political breakthrough, so as to further strengthen and consolidate his power in Czech Republic. Of course, the United States is behind this. In mid August this year, Secretary of state Pompeio visited Czech and delivered a speech in Czech Senate, criticizing China for blocking Czech and Taiwan exchanges. The current situation is that the United States is trying to win the Czech Republic into the Anti China camp, while the president of the Czech Senate wants to use American power to expand his influence at home and in Europe. Now, the Czech politicians visit to Taiwan is like a vote in favor of the United States.

Since the Czech Senate President not only intervenes in the Taiwan Strait issue, but also wants to use the power of the United States to stir up waves within the Czech Republic, then the Czech politics may be turbulent. For China, West

Kiel has offended China, and it will be very difficult for him to repair relations with China in the future. A politician who has offended the Chinese government will lose the chance of normal communication with China in the future. What it means is self-evident. Therefore, State Councilor Wang Yi said that he would pay a heavy price, not to talk about it, but to have successors in the future. This Senate President will feel it!

Czech president of the Senate, Mr. weideqi, came to Taiwan for a visit and delivered a speech at Taiwan Political University on the afternoon of 31. In view of the various economic, trade and cultural cooperation between Taiwan and Czech, he used Taiwan tennis woman Xie Shuwei and Czech partner streikova, who won the Wimbledon championship in 2019 as an example to describe how strong the results of Taiwan Czech cooperation will be..


Media in the island claimed that the delegation led by Wade Qi to visit Taiwan this time is the highest level delegation to visit Taiwan since the Velvet Revolution in 1989. He went to the political university in the afternoon to make his first public speech in Taiwan.

Vedzi said that the current Czech president did not propose or support his visit to Taiwan. However, he was pleased that the Taiwan people elected a President to support his visit to Taiwan at the general election at the beginning of this year, and that the President would also meet him, which made him very excited and honored.

Weidezi claimed that they are visiting Taiwan as current Czech political figures. The Senate is the most liberal and democratic institution in Czech Republic. He believes that many leaders of other democratic countries and the European Union will pay attention to Taiwan and believe that they will come to visit Taiwan soon.

With regard to the visit of Czech politicians to Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said a few days ago that China has always opposed any form of official exchanges between countries that have established diplomatic relations with Taiwan. I would also like to stress here that the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are both historical inevitability. If you move against the trend, you will be doomed to end; if you split the country, you will be doomed to be infamous forever.

In addition, a spokesman for the Czech presidential palace made it clear that he opposed the speakers visit to Taiwan. The Czech foreign minister once said that under the principle of respecting one China, it is suggested that the speaker of the parliament should not visit Taiwan.

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