Pompeio said trump is considering restricting Chinese students to the United States: stealing our technology

 Pompeio said trump is considering restricting Chinese students to the United States: stealing our technology

Screenshots of reports from Capitol Hill

In an interview with US media WMAL radio program on August 31, local time, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio constantly played up Chinas spy theory, slandered the Chinese governments penetration into the U.S. university system, and falsely claimed that the US sides blatant demand for the closure of Chinas Consulate General in Houston was related to the spy incident.

He also repeated his old tune, claiming that China had stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property rights in the United States, and that the trump administration was determined to stop that. Apart from the trump administration, no previous administration has taken this issue seriously This is a real challenge. .

Later, when asked by the host about the U.S. governments crackdown on the so-called espionage of Chinese citizens in student visa and academic research posts, pompeio said that trump was considering restricting Chinese students to study in the United States, and the US government might announce new moves against China in the coming weeks and months.

In the next few weeks or months, you will see more follow-up, pompeio said.

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Pompeio: trump is seriously considering restricting Chinese students to the United States (source: surging News)

Capitol Hill reports that if the trump administration does impose restrictions on Chinese students and researchers, it may hit U.S. universities because Chinese students are one of the largest groups of international students who pay to study in the United States. The tuition fees they pay can be used to strengthen curriculum plans in key areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

For the U.S. general election in November, trump has always regarded China as a key election topic, constantly exaggerating his governments strong attitude towards China. He also attacked Biden, the Democratic candidate, for his weakness in China, claiming that Bidens election was a gift to China.


For example, recently, US media reported that the Chinese military has sent overseas students to study in the United States to conceal their military status, and many people have been arrested for visa fraud this year. He also falsely claimed that the Chinese Embassy and consulate in the United States helped the above-mentioned personnel escape from the judicial investigation in the United States and assist them to return home. The closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston is related to this.

On the unilateral request of the US side for China to close its Consulate General in Houston, China has repeatedly expressed its solemn position. Zhao Lijian pointed out that all kinds of excuses made by the United States are untenable and can not cover up the fact that the United States has seriously violated international law and the basic norms of international relations and seriously damaged Sino US relations. We urge the US side to stop slandering and discrediting Chinese diplomatic and consular institutions and personnel in the United States, earnestly fulfill the obligations of safeguarding the treaty and the Sino US Consular treaty, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese diplomatic and consular institutions and personnel in the United States. China will continue to take proper and necessary measures to safeguard national interests and dignity.

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The reduction of Chinese students willingness to go to the United States and Italy

From social networking sites such as twitter, a screenshot of an email from the University of North Texas has been circulating on these social platforms since last week. According to the email, on August 26, the University suddenly decided to suspend the qualification of public visiting students and scholars funded by the State Council for study abroad in the University, deprived these people of the right to continue to use the schools server, e-mail and other learning materials, and only allow the affected people to return to school to collect personal belongings. The email screenshot also shows that the University also informed the relevant visa authorities of the US government, saying that the study program of these Chinese government-sponsored visiting students and scholars had ended on August 26.

Petition information websites in the United Statesu201c Change.org u201dOn August 26, the University of North Texas suddenly announced that it had suspended the study qualifications of visiting students and scholars funded by the State Council for study abroad on August 26, but the university has not disclosed the reasons for this.

(screenshot from change.org Post for the help of Chinese government students at the University of North Texas)

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia has also caused heavy inconvenience to the affected Chinese public students and scholars, forcing them to desperately search for new crown pneumonia while returning to China, and face the price of soaring air tickets with limited numbers of tickets, which are being hit by the outbreak. As the unfinished visiting projects of these Chinese government students are interrupted, whether they can complete their studies and graduate has become a problem. By the time of publication, the post had received at least 3239 signatures, and there were also staff from the school who supported students and criticized the schools practices.

Among them, a professor who is directly involved in the schools Chinese public Student Scholar Program left a message in the above-mentioned help post, saying that the schools approach to these Chinese students and scholars is unfair because he has not heard of any specific charges against any of the Chinese public students and scholars at the University of North Texas. So he couldnt understand why the school had to drive out all the Chinese government-sponsored students and scholars all at once.

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