ZTE axon 20 5g processor exposed

 ZTE axon 20 5g processor exposed

As the worlds first off screen camera phone, ZTE axon205g has the same appearance and configuration details, which attracts much attention and high expectations from the outside world. I believe many users hope that such a iconic model should have strong hardware configuration, such as the snapdragon 865 + mobile platform. However, this is not the case. According to the latest information released by geekbench running website, ZTE axon205g is equipped with a midrange positioning Qualcomm snapdragon 765G processor, equipped with 6GB of memory. Its single core running score is 617 points, and its multi-core score is 1977. It has to be said that such a core configuration is indeed unexpected.

In other aspects, according to the information previously exposed, the new ZTE axona205g adopts a 6.92 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2460 u00d7 1080. There is no hole in the front of the fuselage. It is a complete full screen. 3D glass design is adopted in the back, and the rear rectangle is arranged vertically for four photos, which is located in the upper left corner of the back. It will be equipped with the mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 or snapdragon 865 + with a maximum of 12gb memory + 256gb storage, with a front-end camera of 32 million pixels, and a rear camera of 64 million + 8 million + 2 million + 2 million, with a battery capacity of 4120 MAH. In addition, the fuselage weight is 198g and the thickness is 7.9MM. It will provide four high color color colors, including black hole gravity, streamer sea salt, mirage orange wind and purple moon cloud.

It is reported that the new ZTE axon205g new machine will be officially released today. The appearance and configuration of the machine have been revealed. The biggest suspense may be the price. More details, lets wait and see!

The energy consumption of extended reading has become a barrier to the popularization of 5g. The three operators will close 5g base stations in a specific period of time. ZTEs 5g strategy has more than 5000 global patents. Qualcomm, casasystems and Ericsson have realized the first extended range MMW 5gnr data call in the world TechWeb.com.cn Editor in charge: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624