How can my parents persuade me to marry far away?

 How can my parents persuade me to marry far away?

Beauty for help:

My boyfriend and I met when we were working part-time in college. It was 17 years. I was a junior and he just graduated.

He is two years older than me. We are all junior college students. The place is in the city where I go to school.

His hometown is in a small village in other cities of Sichuan Province. He is the only son of his family,

Before graduation, he had been living in his uncles home, and occasionally went to Xinjiang to stay for some time.

My family is in a small village in Shanxi Province, only my sister and I have two children. My father has always felt that it is his regret that he has no son.

However, we have never been treated unfairly because of this. My family is in business. The county has bought a house with all the money, and there is also a house in the village.

The reason is that my boyfriend is a stranger. On the one hand, one of my familys relatives married to Sichuan more than ten years ago. After divorce and remarriage, he was not happy.

On the other hand, its because they want me to be closer so that they can take care of them and be taken care of by them.

So they objected and let me go back to my hometown for fear that I would go away with my boyfriend in Taiyuan.

Then my father also stayed in the hospital and had surgery. At that time, my boyfriends home said that as long as my parents agreed, they could live in Shanxi and buy a house.

In order to stay in Taiyuan and not go back to my hometown, I can only cheat them to break up.

Now its been a long time. I still want to tell my parents about it,

But I was afraid that they would not agree with me. They would force me to go back to my hometown. I was also afraid that my father would be angry,

Their temper is very stubborn, tell them well, they will only be good for me, let me go back home.

My boyfriend majored in animal husbandry, so its hard to find a job. In recent years, he has been working in Sichuan, Xinjiang and Shanxi.

I have done a lot of work, but they are not stable. We have always been in different places. There are many civil servants and teachers in his family.

My sister and brother-in-law are teachers in the establishment, and many of our relatives work in state posts,

So my parents also hope that I can go back to my hometown to take the exam. But after I graduated from accounting, I always insisted on working outside, and they gradually accepted it.

But when they say they want to find an outsider, they still want me to go back to their hometown and stay with them. They are afraid that I will go away and leave them.

Or tell my parents now, wait until they agree.

This matter has always been a thorn in my heart. I hope mu mu can give me some advice.

Do you think I should have passed the test and show them that I have the ability to give themselves a good life in the future, so that they can rest assured.


To get the consent of my parents, I dont think a certificate can decide and change the situation.

First of all, you need to understand clearly whether your parents oppose you with a strong and absolute attitude or a consultative attitude.

But whatever the attitude, one thing I can make sure of is that its not about how good your career can be.

Especially when your work is getting better and your ability is better, I think your parents will be more against it.

Because regardless of whether your parents are biased or correct, no one wants their daughter to marry a person who is not as good as himself.

This kind of mood can only be understood when parents, it will make people feel very realistic, but transposition thinking can understand this idea is very real.

If your parents are tough and absolute, then they are stubborn parents.

Its not easy for such parents to tell the truth and try to persuade them, especially if they have a lesson from their relatives. It happens that your boyfriend is from that place again.

In their bone impression, they already have a big prejudice against the people in your boyfriends area.

Whats more, if you get the certificate, your boyfriend still doesnt have a decent and stable job at least in the eyes of the elders.

The result is bound to worsen the situation. There is already prejudice. Now there is one more marriage. You have to shoulder the familys economic worries.

Of course, I dont mean to advise you to give up the certificate. This is your professional capital. No matter how you end up with your boyfriend, dont give up and make yourself better.

And for such stubborn parents, you can give your boyfriend a little time to stabilize his job, which is only a few hope chips left.

Then look for opportunities to be open to your parents and show them as much as you can about your boyfriend.

But this time can not be delayed for too long, because in the face of parents who are too stubborn, no one can be convinced.

So you have to do well in your mind, and you may have to face the situation of one of two choices in the end.

This is related to whether you want to choose love. First let your parents down and then make up for it,

Or choose parents and bear to give up love.

The longer you delay, the greater the damage to the three parties.

So, you can delay, say, a year and a half, and give a deadline to change the status quo.

At that time, your boyfriends career is still unchanged. Should I confess to my parents or should I,

The rest, can only pray that parents can be moved by your persistence.

However, if your parents always tend to discuss suggestions with you, it will be more hopeful and more difficult to persuade.

Its better not to wait for you to get the certificate, which will only let them deepen their affirmation of their own judgment.

Instead, its better to express their determination with their parents as soon as possible.

When they are against you and list all kinds of reasons, the more silent you are, the more hesitant You are,

The more they will be sure that your relationship is not strong at all, and the more they will feel that you are not sure you can live a happy life.

So this point, you have to adjust your attitude, firm after your attitude.