It is difficult for adults to make money with both face and dignity. Learning to let go of face is the first step

 It is difficult for adults to make money with both face and dignity. Learning to let go of face is the first step

A reader told me that she used to work in a foreign trade company. She was pregnant soon after marriage. Because she was weak, she resigned in order to raise her baby.

All of a sudden, she lost her financial resources. She was very flustered.

She didnt have many wechat friends. In order to have new friends, she began to plan how to have new friends. After planning, she implemented step by step.

No matter what other people think of her, she doesnt think to her heart, just tells herself: everything is difficult at the beginning.

Actively expand their social circle. Over time, more and more people in the circle know that she makes special food. If they feel good after tasting it, they will immediately ask her to place an order.

In the process, she has been ridiculed and treated coldly.

This years epidemic, her business has not been affected, this is the result of previous efforts.

However, during the epidemic period, we can see the significance of her efforts. Others are worried about how to pay the bills. Her income can also keep the family in normal balance.

Zhou Xingchis film Yangtze River No.7 has a poignant dialogue.

He asked his colleagues nervously, is the boss in a good temper today?

Colleagues asked him, do you dare to come back?

He said, I want to eat..

In a few words, he described the helplessness of the working people at the bottom. He wanted to make money, but he had to look at the bosss face for fear of making the boss angry.

In the adult world, sometimes life and face are difficult to cover, and it is really difficult to keep decent when making money.

When they hear their children crying, their hearts will be very painful, unable to forgive their failure, how can they let their children suffer with themselves.

As a parent, it is in a contest with life that makes you strong and invincible.

The world of adults is really difficult. There are old people and small people. The pressure of life is all on the shoulders. Only by making money can we have a little sense of security.

The world is in a state of panic, but it is only a few pieces of silver, which can solve all kinds of panic in the world, protect the elderly for thousands of years, children into school, firewood, rice, oil, salt and grain.

I always answer: make good money, bank card money, this is the best protection, do not let your life be tested by money.

Dont say money is not everything. Dont make fun of it. Its money that frustrates your life.

Those who say that they dont love money are nothing more than someone who is carrying a heavy load for him, and someone has helped him to bear everything in order to live so freely.

In modern society, only you want to make money, only you are willing to pay down-to-earth, and strive to improve yourself. Nothing is impossible.

One day, when you see a LV bag you like, you can easily take out the card and brush it, and you wont feel pain in your heart - its money, and then you can earn it.

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