Serenity hate Venus anger circle powder: the real high EQ is in these four words

 Serenity hate Venus anger circle powder: the real high EQ is in these four words

This summer, the heat is the big sister.

Among the sisters, peace is particularly prominent. She entered the stage with the high light of Queens life, and with her atmospheric character, she firmly occupied the C position, and caught the audience in a net.

In the program, there are many golden sentences: I want a beautiful woman, who am I? Ive been doing nothing for decades and I always think Im a front-line

But to tell you the truth, it is her interview on the Venus show that makes people admire her most.

In the interview, Venus asked: you are so straightforward, there must be some people like you, some people do not like you, you will not care about those negative voice?

You can directly say that you dont care. If a speech is interpreted as care, it will be dug out to say that you are a liar and bury thunder for yourself. To say you care, you should also say that you are a glass heart. If you want to wear a crown, you must bear something.

The occupation of an artist means that every word and every word expressed publicly may be magnified countless times.

Quiet but very quick answer: I am not do not care, I also study, I am thinking, scold what? Some of them scolded fairly well.

In the closed question, she was not limited by the yes or no option, but added information

Some of me care, some dont care; in some places, I not only care, but also learn and correct.

In a simple sentence, there is a connection and interaction with the voice of criticism, so that each point of view and each emotion can find their own position in the coming and going.

As soon as she said this, she did not bury thunder for herself. On the contrary, the sentence some can be scolded well helped her circle numerous powders.

When you see this, you may want to say, Wuli, its wonderful to have a quiet mouth..

But in fact, when you take a closer look at sister Lang, you will find that the organization of language and the richness of vocabulary are never the advantages of tranquility.

Behind her eloquence is her way of thinking.

Expression is never the art of moving the mouth, but the art of using the brain.

At the meeting, some people talked about the plan, and they could only see everyone playing with their mobile phones when they talked about it. When you asked for the bosss demand on wechat, you made a long speech, but you couldnt get a reply for a long time. When talking about clients, I try my best to talk about them, but obviously the other party is not moved at all. You love your husbands hard work and care about a few words, but you are despised by him for being in charge of everything

These are all manifestations of a lack of expression: we speak so hard, but no one listens.

Many people will think that it is stupid to not express, but in fact it is thinking that has not kept up.

To express well, the brain is more important than the mouth.

How to make the listener understand us better, understand our meaning, and find contact with us, we have to think clearly before we speak.

Cui Cui asked me a question:

Imagine, if you are the leader of the project now, we want to cooperate with Tencent, and you also have a phone call from Ma Huateng. How would you persuade him to agree to your invitation for cooperation?

I said, heres the thing I just wanted to So can you

This problem comes from Cui Cuis real experience.

When she just graduated, she went to Wu Xiaobos company as an intern. At the age of 23, she was appointed editor in chief.

One time, she asked a best-selling author to cooperate. She used the same expression as me, but the other party did not hear her finish. She interrupted her, why should I cooperate with you?

The other side also repeated, why should I cooperate with you?

But a good expression should be the opposite: first tell the other party what I want to achieve with you and finally what happened.

This logic of expression is called pyramid theory.

Before the expression, oneself first climbs by the pyramid, in the expression time must slip down the pyramid.

Only in the shortest time to say things clearly, moving people.

Cui Cui later used this theory to conquer the former vice mayor of Los Angeles.

As momselfs old fans know, we launched Chen Yus course before.

Chen Yu was vice mayor of Los Angeles and a headhunter of Fortune 500 companies. At that time, in order to seek a satisfactory partner in China, she had already talked with more than ten institutions, but had not finalized it.

But Chen Yu immediately realized Cui Cuis uniqueness: Cui Cui has the world-class ability to attract talents, and I was immediately attracted by her!

Cui Cuis first-class ability is reflected through precise expression.

Chen Yu was stunned. She knew momself was a platform for mothers, so she said, if you need me, I can talk about how to raise my daughter.

Both of my daughters have grown up very well. I have a lot to say

Cui Cui listened to her thoughts carefully and said sincerely, joy, you dont have to. You dont have to offer different products for every different platform, and you lose yourself. I want to know what you want to do, and then we can polish a set of courses that belong to you and belong to our users.

You already know the result of this conversation.

The key to expression is not to tell others that you are good, but to make others feel important;

Expression is not a lotus flower, sometimes, let the other side say, is the most effective expression;

Expression is not exclusive to big people. Many people who are not strong and inexperienced can become better Expressionists.

Her understanding of precise expression has been integrated into her blood and nurtured the whole situation.

Now, she has highly condensed these practical experience and professional methods into six days of precision expression training camp. This is Cui Cuis one of the most proud Courses and is also our companys internal training course.

In the course, she will take apart for you, how to fight for what you want to do, and join you in a way that others will like to accept:

In the past, we have seen breakthroughs and changes in 4W + usersu2014u2014

Never want to speak, become want to speak and try to express themselves; from the written things were directly rejected by the leadership, to just a few minutes, the leader directly said OK; through a few days of learning, we realized our own shortcomings, and also learned the improvement methods.