This love story of rapist, every girl should see it!

 This love story of rapist, every girl should see it!

But she didnt like Luo at all. She told him clearly, we are not suitable. Dont waste time on me.

One night, Luo asked her to have a meal.

The girl felt that it didnt matter to go to the road individually, so she ate crayfish together and drank a little wine under the persuasion of Luo.

Luo deliberately find various reasons to delay time, until the school dormitory closed.

After the routine, you can imagine.

Luo vowed to open two rooms, never touch her, and return to school the next day. But when the girl walked into the hotel room, she showed her true face.

After the assault, he said, I love you so much that Im so impulsive. Other boys chase girls and do the same.

Since childhood, strong girls cant accept the fact that they have been violated. They simply convince themselves that this is love, not aggression.

However, from the beginning to the end, she did not enjoy the mood of love.

The girl finally got up the courage to expose Luo.

Luo Mou said: you did not retain evidence to prove that I raped you, and after you raped you, you promised to be with me. Who will believe your words?

Fortunately, with the growing voice of online support, Luos female classmates and colleagues A number of women have come forward to identify, Luo has violated them in the past.

Luos Bank, which he worked for, soon dismissed him.


Some people may not understand: why didnt she report to the police in the first place and fell in love with a rapist for months?

I dont know what its like to be sexually assaulted, and I cant imagine it.

I felt a hand behind me.

What was my first reaction?

None of them.

I quickly dodged, escaped from the distance of two or three seats, felt touched particularly shameful, as if I had done something wrong.

After calming down for a while, I realized that it was not my fault.

If I identify them out loud, will others doubt, why didnt you say that just now?

Finally, I can only angrily stare at him, until the site, just called out: dare to touch again next time, be careful of your claws!

To my surprise, after I got out of the car, the driver suddenly closed the door, leaned his head out of the window and asked me in a loud voice, which one are you talking about?

At that moment, I was so moved that I almost cried.

Because I suddenly realized that the world is not as bad as I thought, and there are not so many people standing with bad people.


I dont know what its like to be sexually assaulted.

It must be much more terrible than meeting salty pig hands on the bus, and it will also cause greater psychological pressure on people.

Girls who are sexually assaulted force themselves to fall in love with demons. u2014u2014In fact, this has happened countless times.

Fang Siqi, a Taiwanese girl, wrote a book called Fang Siqis paradise of first love.

The title of the book sounds full of youthful fantasy, but the content is painful to read.

In the form of a novel, this book records a make-up teacher who, under the banner of love, forced to have a relationship with 13-year-old Fang Siqi for five years.

On the surface is a hazy love, in essence is no doubt seduction.

Ill fall in love with my teacher, or Ill be too miserable, she said

Only by falling in love with the teacher, pretending that everything is voluntary and pretending that life is still under their own control, can we wash away the humiliation of being violated.

Not long after writing this book, Fang Siqi committed suicide in depression.

it happens that there is a similar case.

I forced myself to try to love him, because the more I love him, the less painful I will be, wrote the girl who suffered from Luos attack

At the same time, I am also more and more afraid that he will abandon me. If he does not want me, no one will accept the defiled me, so I will treat him better and better for fear that he will leave.

On Zhihu, there are even lawyers who specially interpret: after rape, if you fall in love with her, does it constitute rape?


The more helpless the victim is, the more likely it is to choose compromise.

Siqi once tried to ask her mother, I heard that there are female students and teachers in the school?

Mother said, who is so coquettish?

Between a teenage girl and a decades old man, it is still possible to target a teenage girl.

Whats more, adult girls in their twenties?

She had to worry that people might say:

Did you drink wine? Dont you understand what drinking means


These voices are the source of the girls lack of courage to identify after suffering.

If you encounter sexual abuse, it may mean: too stupid, careless, lying, losing chastity

So, when you heard about a girl who was sexually assaulted, she fell in love with a rapist.

She may be suffering unimaginable pain.

And those girls who cheat themselves in pain, please be brave.

We are all standing by your side, willing to help you shout!