What are the love details that can improve your liking?

 What are the love details that can improve your liking?

Today, I met a boy. He had done hair dyeing before, but he didnt. He said that he would learn to dye hair next year. I asked him why. He said that he thought that if his girlfriend wanted to dye his hair in the future, he would not have to go to the barbers shop. He would help her do it. Its a detail of me.

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Before my boyfriend became a soldier or he was still considering staying in the army, he asked me whether I agreed or not and asked me for my advice in advance. I love him more and more for this.

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When Im free, I like to pin the paper clip into the look of love, fold the love, and put it everywhere. Then my boyfriend will always tell me where I found the useless things I folded today and miss me.

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On the road, I was always pulled to the inside; I always ate the first bite; when my aunt came, she would buy me sanitary napkins.

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Know your period and do your homework. Know what you like and what you cant talk about. Know what every look in your eyes represents.

Give more hugs.

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Hell get you a foot wash and then pour it for you. Comfort you when you are sick and sad. I help you wash your hair when you are injured, although I dont think its clean at all.

1. Prepare tissue and band aid in the bag in case of emergency. 2. Pay attention to dress when going out. 3. Pay attention to politeness and grasp the yardstick. 4. Make a schedule in advance. Waitu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

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Dont peek at each others cell phone, so you wont know how many people shes having an affair with.

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