Female college students expose sexual abuse by bank executives: these five self-help rules, you must know

 Female college students expose sexual abuse by bank executives: these five self-help rules, you must know

We should all know one thing today.

When I was a senior,

She was forced.


Moreover, the male students have a brute face, and whoring about P constantly.

And have the record of QJ female college students.

The man accused is Luo, a bank executive and an elite.

He looks good.

If what the girl says is true, this person is a gentle beast.

But many netizens questions are:

Is this really true?

The Internet is not a court.

Its hard to really restore the cause and effect.

Now both sides have come out, tearing is not clear, messy materials are exposed. Its hard to stand in line.

Vicky said: they know each other, is Luo champions deliberate chat up.

But Luo said:

Their association is the initiative of girls. It even suggested that it was a girls collusion.

The girl said: I was raped.

The first sexual relationship, the girl said: I was forced.

The girl said:

Today, Im ready to be destroyed.

The boy said:

Facts are facts. I believe in the law.

As for later getting along with male and female friends, the girl said:

This is Stockholm syndrome.

Because the victim cant accept himself, he chooses not to fight in his heart, but to fall in love with the other side, so as to alleviate the pain of self punishment and self derogation.

The boy said:

This is happiness, that is love.

As for why the exposure is needed, the girl said:

Because I cant put it down. Because of conscience.

The boy said:

Also said: because girls want to be famous.

At the same time, put a chat record.

In this chat record, it should be a person familiar with both sides, communicating with the girl. The girl mentioned money.

Luo also released 10000 yuan transfer records to girls.

The implication is that Vicky exposed him not because of justice or because of victimization.

Its about money.

For red.

Because of the lack of key evidence, girls can describe boys as forgivers of ten evils.

Which is right and which is wrong?

The situation is very bad for girls.

So what we can all expect is that Vicky is in danger.

Slut humiliation is coming.

The theory of victims guilt is also coming.

Those who have courage to speak will be drowned in the saliva of netizens before dawn.

But what if?

If Vicky is really a victim,

She will bear more than you and I imagine.

And this dilemma, she could have avoided.

Girls with a little legal knowledge should know that after sexual assault, the first thing is:

No bath, no bath, no bath!!!!

If the situation is dangerous, in order to avoid suspicion and induce more violence,

You can also simply rinse.

But dont wash them all.

Make sure the police can get DNA from the vagina.

In addition, if the JY is completely washed out, please remember that there may be saliva on the nipple.

In saliva, theres DNA from each other.

If there are traces of each other on the body, keep the same.

This is not a time for you to be hygienic, but for your life.

So, if on June 7, 2019, Vicky is really cheated into the room by Luo champion and forced to have a relationship.

What she should do is not clean up immediately after the event.

They dont wash their hair.

No bath.

Dont brush your teeth.

Keep everything you can, whether its JY, saliva, or fingerprints... Try your best to leave the body fluids and secretions of the other party.

These are your proofs.

Think of a way out of the door, a word, immediately call the police! Call the police immediately! Call the police immediately!!!

Dont wait.

Once hesitated, the longer the time, the more difficult it is to restore the facts.

If you call the police after a few days, or sleep a few times and then call the police again, alas... Who knows whether you are in love or forced.

Its not easy to get evidence.

It is thousands of times more difficult to protect rights than before.

Its about the chain of evidence.

Its logical reasoning.

Its not who is loud that wins.

Vickys on the Internet now. Yes.

However, it is likely to be a double-edged sword. If you are not careful, you will not be able to protect your rights. On the contrary, you will be disturbed all your life.

So sisters, if you are also unfortunately sexually assaulted, endure discomfort for a while, and immediately go to the police station.

The faster, the more timely, the more difficult it is for a QJ offender to argue.

Theres no need to talk.

Its not bad.

If theres a lot of pushing, fighting, biting, beating,

All the scars on you,

Its all evidence.

Dont wash and remove immediately.

Of course, in order to stabilize you,

I love you,

I miss you,

Dont listen!!!

Remember: people who really love you will not rape you.

Its hurt.

Its occupation.

The reason why he repeatedly vowed and kept saying love was not because he really liked it.

Its to soften your heart.

If you are soft, you wont call the police immediately.

If he doesnt call the police right away, hell get away with it.

After that, it is very easy for him to do evil again.

You dont want to talk to anyone.

If you are not careful, you may suffer secondary injury.

But your inner pain needs to be told.

Only one person is suitable.


The one who says love..

The person who is making phone calls and sending wechat enthusiastically.

The one who repeatedly said he would take care of you for the rest of your life.

The person who is asking you if you are in pain, hungry or not, good or bad

You covet that little warmth, unconsciously close, and he had a second relationship.

The third relationship,

The fourth relationship

You can even be happy from it.

In this way, you will come out and say, I am forced.

No one would believe it.

Vicky is passive because of this.

And then follow the program,

After taking photos, obtaining evidence, recording records, etc,

Go home again.

Therefore, in order to avoid the great disaster and great pain for the rest of your life, please go to the police station immediately after you walk out of that room.

Dont hesitate.

Dont go home.

You dont even have to cry to your friends.

Because its hard to protect your friend. Hes a bad help. If you have a bad idea, its over! Youre going to die miserably!

You can rest assured that when you go to the police station, there will be professional people who will help you.

Next, the third important thing.

After being sexually assaulted, the third thing that sisters should pay attention to is:

Dont take money!!!

Again, dont charge!

In particular, do not accept transfers.

Dont take anything!

Dont think that if I dont accept it now, he wont let me go out.

But you cant collect money or things.

It will be very troublesome to prove yourself at that time.

In the future, if the case needs to be private, the other party will give financial compensation, OK.

But its not up to you to talk about money.

Its a lawyer.

Of course, some girls may say, there is no way, he will not let people go without taking money.

Then you take it.

After hand in, because it is not consultation in advance, but compensation after the event, it can be used as evidence, waiting for the law enforcement agencies to deal with it.

Dont take it.

In 2016, a reporter from the Southern Department called Cheng Xi, who sexually assaulted an intern. Afterwards, Cheng Xi also gave 2000 yuan as sealing fee.

But the girl immediately called the police.

Later, the money was also used as evidence of compensation rather than transaction.

On July 13, 2016, the prosecution approved the arrest of Cheng Xi on suspicion of QJ.

Next, I would like to tell you about the precautions after sexual assault

You know, all of your chats are evidence.

Wait for professionals to fix the evidence.

Hold back the discomfort,

Hold back a moment of pain,

He kept his soft, apologetic and comforting words.

Resist his hard and soft.

Think of it as invisible.

I cant stand it. Ill give it to a lawyer.

Listen to me: dont be impulsive! Only legal means can truly protect the weak.

Dont talk to people.

Dont show your cards to others easily.

Now your every move may be interpreted differently.

Vicky, for example, somehow talked about money with a friend of Luos champion.

When you talk about it, the nature changes.

Who knows if you are for the benefit or for the protection of rights.

Talking about money is not your business.

Its a lawyers business.

How can these words be nonsense.

Ah, we dont know the law. We just remember four words: silence is gold.

Dont move stones, hit your own feet.

Follow the lawyers advice, be careful, be careful, be silent, and dont be presumptuous and make a fool of yourself.

Fifth, dont talk nonsense.

But this is a question for the police.

Some victims exaggerate because of emotional instability or anger.

He got me drunk and dragged me to the hotel.

But as soon as the police investigated, they found that they did not. Your words will be suspicious.

But the forensic examination of the wound, but did not find the relevant phenomenon.

Dont embellish it.

If I dont remember, Im not sure. I need to think about it.

Every word you say will become evidence in court.

You dont need a major.

Dont let your statement contradict itself.

If you are too anxious, we should also use rational methods to promote the protection of rights.

For example, apply to the police to check the monitoring, hotel, on the road, in order to quickly restore the truth.

Maybe its QJ.

Many girls think that I have talked with her on wechat before, some of them have not.

Is this supposed to be,

I was voluntary, not forced.

Its not.

Whatever you talked about before.

To sum up, after encountering sexual violence,

Our top priority is not washing, not crying.

Instead, they quickly called the police, tried to protect their rights, and listened to the advice of professionals, and went to take care of the aftermath and collect evidence.

And you, yourself, go get a checkup,

Take birth control pills,

ee a doctor,

Check for reproductive infections,

If you are drugged or drunk, go to the hospital.

After that, go to see a psychologist to minimize the psychological impact on you.

Back to Vickys case.

Its a pity that Vicky missed the most important part after the crime.

So its hard to restore the case.

Its hard to get evidence.

It is difficult to protect rights.

Vicky did it right.

Voice calls from other victims were widely solicited.

She posted some chat notes on her micro blog.

If these chats are true,

Vickys odds are not small.

The victim was also helpless,

Eight women came out, but,

It has been publicly stated that Freeman has also sexually harassed them.

Morgans sexual harassment was confirmed.

Vickys case, I dont know. Wait for the truth to come. Believe in the justice of the law.

I didnt want to write this today.

The facts are not clear,

Theres nothing to say.

But when the editorial department was talking about it,

In a word:

Its too difficult for the victims of QJ. Many girls dont know what to do after being violated.

Missed the opportunity,

Its painful, its shameful, its a little bit of love, its almost impossible to win a lawsuit in the long run.

Its not just a Vicky thing, its a million Vicky things.

Thats why I decided,

I have to write this article today,

You can tell people what to do if youre sexually assaulted.

First of all, its not your fault.

We dont have to look down on ourselves.

In todays China, due to the development of Internet, there are only a few people with feet wrapped around their heads.

ont be afraid,

Most netizens can tell right from wrong.

We all know that we cant pursue the perfect victim, we cant let the victim pay for the atrocity.

Please believe that you will get the support of public opinion.

The police and various organizations will do their best to protect your privacy.

Furthermore, please do not forgive QJ for fear and love.

Once you miss your best chance to call the police,

There will be no prosecution.

Even he can say in reverse that he was seduced. You are cheap and greedy, and you trade with him for money and sex

Be sure to call the police immediately. After reporting to the police, its time to be private and forgive again.

But at that time, do not think about it, immediately pick up the phone, dial 110.

Call the police. Youre not under control.

Finally, please forward this article to all your girlfriends, sisters and daughters, saying that being killed is not terrible. We have many ways to save ourselves.

And the solution is in this article.

Hope to really help you!