A circle of friends before a mans infidelity

 A circle of friends before a mans infidelity

He really regretted it.

This is the wechat sent by reader Xiao a three months later.

In the account, there is only one friend. The word baby in the note is very dazzling.

Her husband, who had not said sweet words for many years, said the words of utmost tenderness and concern to her, and took a close group photo with her in the circle of friends.

Small a did not make a voice, quietly cut off the screen, the chat records to all her husbands friends, and then locked himself into the study.

Come to think of it carefully, the husbands derailment is not without omen.

That night, Xiao a witnessed her husbands eagerness, entreaty and fury.

He yelled loudly that Xiao a was confused with amorous feelings, considerate, out of shape and bad temper. She forced her to go to this stage.

And how beautiful the girl was and how much comfort she gave him.

Ten years later, the red rose was crushed into mosquito blood.

Just after the divorce, Xiao a would also secretly go to see his ex husbands circle of friends. He was aboveboard and elegant, and he was in love. The top photo was also replaced by a group photo with Xiao San.

It was something he disdained to do when he was with her.

She suffered, forced herself not to think, and then gradually put it down.

Until one night, Xiao San called her and asked if her ex husband was with her because he didnt go home at night.

A few days later, his ex husband sent a text message. He apologized and hoped to meet again.

Little a didnt reply.

Im not surprised that Xiao as ex husband regrets.


Its just an illusion

The most popular choice for all age groups is no special case.

Life is boring, feelings tend to be flat, seems to have become the biggest push force for the emergence of extramarital affairs.

I have seen a film about extramarital affairs, such as the shadow heart.

Lu Song, a violinist played by Chen Xiao, and Wen Po, a painter played by Du Juan, met in Paris.

But in fact, they all have their own families.

Wen poppys husband is a surgeon. In her eyes, he is very clean and has no interest. He cant even quarrel;

Lu Songs wife is a Chinese teacher. She is devoted to teaching her husband and children. Lu Song thinks that she has a strong personality and does not understand the customs.

The insipid marriage made them feel miserable.

Finally, two people who can give each other spiritual comfort choose to leave their respective families and live together.

A passionate bubble will eventually break down.

In the end, he chose to escape the affair, as he did from his ex-wife.

Mo Wenweis cloudy day sings:

At the beginning, every minute is wonderful. Everyone thinks that the enthusiasm will never be reduced, except for the little tiredness after the passion fades away.

When we are with a wife who once had love, we cant keep the dull marriage. Because of the freshness, the feelings combined will end faster because of the freshness.

The world is very fair. In what way do you get your love, you will lose it in the end.

Stolen feelings will never last.


Another one,

Will it be better?

There was a debate on what to do when you meet your best love after marriage.

Venus said this:

When you can still meet the love of this life after marriage, it must be the reason for both sides. Because you have shortcomings, you are not satisfied, you have a window open. If that window is closed, the chance of meeting your beloved is very low.

The essence of infidelity is not willing to close the window and avoid the problems in marriage.

But the existing problems do not communicate, do not repair, even if a person is changed, it is just a big circle.

Trivial life will expose contradictions again, even more windows.

Chen Junsheng was tired of Luo Zijuns attachment and acquisition, but Luo Zijun was ignorant.

Marriage lights red, but Chen Junsheng chose to escape, preferring to stay in the company overtime, rather than try to communicate with Luo Zijun.

But the colleague Ling Ling, works meticulously, her company, let him realize the long-term absence of gentle and comfortable.

He showdown to Luo Zijun, he fell in love with Ling Ling Ling, he wanted to divorce.

Chen Junsheng was bored and moved to divorce. He even regretted his impulse to divorce Luo Zijun.

They say, love is the best side, marriage the worst side..

Those who dont know how to manage marriage and easily betray their partners cant live a good life for another person.

Remove the filter of love, but a chicken feather to perform again.

On the other side of the mountain, it is still the mountain.


The great master of a generation says:

For those who are not at the right time, they should be restrained and never overstep the storm in their whole life.

In this world, there have never been two perfect partners. In the long and trivial marriage life, it is inevitable that there will be crises again and again.

We are just mortals, attracted by the secular, it is normal.

Infidelity is instinct, but loyalty is choice.

When marriage is worn down by years, it must be the responsibility, not the passion, that supports it.

The real long-term love lies in you have your personality, I have my discretion, mutual running in, mutual tolerance, moderate concession.

Freshness is to experience new things with old people, not to recycle old things with new people.

Finally, I want to send you a passage from the kite runner

The one who was willing to pick up kites for me for thousands of times has passed away. If you miss it in life, you wont get it again. Maybe we will repent and redeem, but it seems that it is too late. Every time we fly a kite, we should ask ourselves whether we really cherish everything we have