Qingdao a man riding a bicycle in the middle of the night, but cant find the unit causing the accident!

 Qingdao a man riding a bicycle in the middle of the night, but cant find the unit causing the accident!

Mr. Zhang said that such an exaggerated scar was given by a cable at 11:00 p.m. on August 8.

Riding on the road in the middle of the night, I was suddenly strangled to my neck by a cable, thinking about how terrible it was.

Mr. Zhang said that it was good that he had a quick reaction and didnt roll over because it was dark and he didnt know the neck injury. I didnt think it was serious at first, so I went home without calling the police.

But the next morning, Mr. Zhang looked in the mirror and was shocked.

Mr. Zhang said that although the wound area is large, it is good that it is not deep. He made a simple treatment in the surrounding clinic, and on the third day, he contacted several communication operators by telephone.

In a few days, Mr. Zhang went to the power sector, China Mobile, China Unicom and telecom companies, each of which said that the property rights of the cables were not their own.

The reporter noticed that there was only one year mark on the cable scratched by Mr. Zhang, and there was no other identification. As for the location of the fracture, it looks like its been a long time.

After a few days, Mr. Zhang no longer had the anger when he was just scratched. He was more worried about the cable causing damage to other passers-by again.

The reporter noticed that the lowest position of these cables is about 2.5 meters away from the ground.

Who is the owner of the cable? At such a busy intersection, when can such a hidden danger be eliminated?

The reporter contacted the staff who had been to the scene before China Unicom, China Mobile and Telecom.

According to the maintenance personnel, the dropped cable is a communication cable, which should have been out of service for a long time. And there are many companies using this kind of cable. Then the line mobilized and contacted the Jiaozhou Bureau of industry and information technology. Could they help inquire about the owner of the cable?

Sue all operators, the result let Mr. Zhang some headache.

After that, the on-site staff reported to the leader by telephone and soon had the answer.

The sub district office and the Bureau of industry and information technology all said that they were not competent departments and could only cooperate with each other.

The reporter can only contact the three operators and cable departments of Jiaozhou through Qingdao communication administration bureau to confirm the owners of these cables on site.

About an hour, Unicom, telecom, cable staff came to the scene.

After tossing around, Mr. Zhang doesnt want to pursue his own compensation any more. He only hopes that this hidden danger can be eliminated as soon as possible.

The reporter also once again contacted the area of zhongyun sub district office, the staff said to report the situation to the leadership.

The next day, the reporter received a phone call from Mr. Zhang, who said that the zhongyun police station of Jiaozhou Public Security Bureau had launched an investigation into the matter early this morning (August 18) and said that it would eliminate the potential safety hazard as soon as possible.