Adults are troubled by thinking too much

 Adults are troubled by thinking too much

The world has been difficult to live, life is not easy, why bother yourself again?

When things are opened up, there will be another world.


There is nothing in the world

I once saw a netizens self-report on Zhihu, saying that she accidentally added to the wechat of a very adored elder.

At first, they had a good time chatting, but all of a sudden the other party didnt reply to her news.

She began to think about it. Did she think that she had said something wrong and made her predecessors angry?

But more than an hour later, she received another wechat from her predecessors:

Im sorry, I was just outside. My cell phone ran out of power.

Someone said: more than 80% of the troubles in life are due to thinking too much.

Just like the netizens in the story, just because the other partys mobile phone is out of power, he made up a tortuous drama to torture himself.

People who think too much live the most tired, sensitive people are the most vulnerable to heartbreak.

Other people did not return a message, an ordinary ha ha, or an exclamatory circle of friends, they would sit in the right place, thinking that the other party was against themselves, and then heartbroken.

But at the end of the day, its meaningless, except that youre physically and mentally exhausted.

A famous American psychologist once did an experiment, asking a group of experimenters to write down their worries in the next seven days and put them in the box.

Three weeks later, 90% of the troubles did not happen.

Stevenson said it well: a man should abandon those disturbing thoughts and concentrate on the road of life under his feet.

What should come cannot be stopped, and what should not be cannot be found.

Think less, worry will be less; think open, happiness will come.

When you adjust your mind, life is free and easy everywhere.

When Wang An, the king of computers, played in his childhood, he got a birds nest that fell from a tree, and there was a baby bird that couldnt fly.

Wang an wanted to bring the chicks home to feed, but he was afraid of being scolded by his mother.

Because his mother had always opposed him to raising small animals, he was afraid that after taking the bird home, his mother would be furious or throw the bird out of the house.

After thinking about it, he decided to hide the birds nest in a hidden place and hesitated for a long time before returning home.

But when he returned home, his mother unexpectedly supported him to raise birds and praised him for his love.

But when he returned to the place where the birds were hidden, the chicks were gone, and only a wild cat was licking its lips by the nest.

Wang An had the opportunity to bring the bird home, but because of his many concerns, he not only made himself nervous and laborious, but also caused the young birds to lose their lives.

There was a popular saying on the Internet:

Thinking too much is not necessarily a good thing. It will only increase your blood pressure and increase your worries. It will not help some things. So the most important thing is to think in doing, think well to pay action!

On second thought, it is.

Its bad to do things but think too much!

If you think too much about the future, you will only let yourself wrap your feet in place. You will miss a good opportunity.

If you think too much about the current things, you will only set many obstacles in the invisible, making it difficult for you to enjoy yourself.

I like Ma Yuns sentence: do the right thing first, and then do it correctly.

Its better to let go of it.

If you succeed, its called wonderful; if you fail, youll give yourself an account.


Life why tangle, want to open is sunny day

Trouble comes from the heart, and trouble comes from oneself.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and a farmers wife. They were neighbors.

One sunny morning, the farmer happily told his wife that the sun was good today.

Although the sun is scorching, the farmer is worried that the crops will be scorched.

But the farmers face was still full of sadness: if this rain does not stop, the crops will not be able to eat!

In order to make the neighbor happy, the farmer tried his best to get a clever dog to perform special effects for her.

He threw a stick into the lake, and the dog immediately got into the water and took it back.

But the farmers wife locked her eyebrows and said:

Im so worried. Im afraid the dog will drown when I watch the dog toss in the lake.

Heaven and hell, no more than a thought.

In fact, no one can be happy with everything in his life.

Those who smile often, just put the right attitude, can open things up.

As the saying goes: those who have a heart are tired, those who have no intention do not matter.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }If there are thousands of knots in the heart, life will be tangled everywhere; if there is no obstacle in the heart, life will always be at ease. If you feel like youre in trouble, you might as well change your mood. If you want to open your heart, you will be blessed; if you think about things, you can dispel the haze; if you change your mind, you can change your state. 4. Buddhism says: the trouble has no root, if you dont pick it up, its natural. If you dont pick it up, you cant get rid of it. If you think too much, your heart will be shackled; if you think less, you can eliminate thousands of troubles. In fact, happiness is not difficult. If you want to open up, you will have a way. May every day in the future, you and I can not worry about things, every day is a good season of life! Source: Netease open course editor: Chen Danni_ NBJS1859

If you feel like youre in trouble, you might as well change your mood.


Buddhism said: the trouble has no root, but it is natural to pick it up. The confusion is passive and not easy to correct.

If you think too much, your heart will be shackled; if you think less, you can eliminate thousands of troubles.

In fact, happiness is not difficult. If you want to open up, you will have a way.