No matter how much you like it, dont compound.

 No matter how much you like it, dont compound.

A long time must be divided, and a long separation must be combined.

Not long ago, she seldom invited me out to play. When she was eating and drinking, she complained to me about her boyfriend, saying that he had no sense of security, and that he was too cold to her. I was eating next to me without saying a word, because I had already seen such a scene.

Division and reconciliation, similar to such things, has always been mixed.

Some people say that its true love to be together after a thousand sails are over. Some people also say that the reunion is still a broken mirror, unless they Polish another mirror.

I once flipped through Weibo late at night and saw a partner saying, I separated from him in 2006, and we made up in 2009. He said it was a reunion. After 10 years of separation, 11 years of reconciliation, and 13 years of separation, there is no contact between them. So it will be broken after all.

After reading this microblog, I was shocked. In love, can you really reunite? Is it possible for the two injured people to get back together?

The answer is no, no matter how much you like a person, dont choose to rekindle the old love. Because the result of the revival of old love is to repeat the same mistakes. In this world, there is no feeling that can go back.

In Zhang Ailings half life fate, the feelings between Shi Jun and Gu Manzhen are miserable. Even if they meet again, they also use the sentence we cant go back to draw the key point of the story. From then on, they will have a good time.

Since the break-up, can not hand in hand to end their lives, love each other, it is better to forget the lake and bless each other.

In one of my favorite movies, < oneday >, there is a line I always remember: I cant control myself from forgetting you, but Im no longer looking forward to you.

Break up and then compound those lovers, do not know how much is because not willing, not reluctant.

Once you loved him, paid a lot, but finally got nothing, but love is not a gamble, you can not guarantee that every time you bet will win, the people who left you at the beginning will leave you for the second time, the beautiful things you dream about are just a dream.

People often use the phrase how much love can be repeated to make fun of it. Yes, how much love can be repeated? When the sun goes down and rises again, some people will be separated from you forever.

We cant go back. Yes, all the way back is probably the most difficult.

You said he was very kind to you when you were together. He hung you on the top of his heart, holding you in fear of breaking; he remembered your three meals a day, and your daily small things were taken seriously by him as important events; good morning and good night weather forecast schedule were all said by him alone; he was more happy when you were happy, he was more sad when you were sad, and he was more angry than you when you were angry.

You say you like the old things, like the process of growing up and experiencing with it. What you say you never forget is that you dont want to touch the minefield. You said you were nostalgic and addicted.

You said hes back now, and I just cant let him go.

But have you ever heard someone say, love, have loved, love, after, will not go back to the past.

When I was bored, I used to tease my best friend: over the years, do you have any ex boyfriends who want to make up with you?

Yes, but how could I agree. Dont I know him yet? Most of the time, we seem to miss a person, but in fact we just miss a period of time My best friend replied.

Right, not all feelings have an end. There are thousands of reasons for separation, reasonable, unreasonable, inconceivable and unconvincing. But in the end, they all have one thing in common: the end.

That sentence wait for me to come back and I wait for you agreement, finally in the long river of time has been quietly smooth.

After separated from him, you keep falling in love, but it always starts and ends soon. I dont know if you want to forget him, or you want to prove that you are not lack of love.

You said that you did not extricate, still very lonely. Its sad that you didnt think about it together.

You think, maybe you will never forget him in your life. But you didnt look back.

Since you choose to part ways, its better to leave a little respect for your feelings.

Let those deceit and betrayal exist all the time, dont try to make up for it, and dont consume it.

Your once love and trust, will always remain in the memory.

Like an adult man and woman, do not ask the reason for right or wrong, leave freely and carefree, and then even if we meet in the future, we can also be calm, holding other peoples hands and passing by with a smile.

I hope you will always remember the sentence in dongxie Xidu. When you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is not to forget.

There are many kinds of faces of love, and there has never been a universal way to judge.

Love may be true, and love accompanied by soul may be true.

But there is a feeling, it must not be true love.

True love, like any good relationship, should be a process of strengthening rather than weakening.

It should make you feel more realistic in life and have better function of life and work, rather than make you feel illusory, lose autonomy and feel meaningless in your independent will.

If I see you, after years. How should I greet you with tears and silence?

You ask, can one person really suppress the feelings of another person and choose to break up without looking back?

olerable. When you lose trust, when you no longer have a sense of security for him, when you can not see the future, when he is indifferent to you, but to others, when you are tired and dont want to report any hope, when you find that turning back again and again will only repeat the same mistakes.

You will give up, even though you still love him.

But do not panic, in the long years after, there will always be someone treat you as before, love you to the bone, from then on, affectionate not to be let down.

Here is a glass of wine to you. May you have poetry, dreams, a candid distance, and a glass of wine to the past. If you dont look back on the past, you wont settle for the future.