September, indulge in this!

 September, indulge in this!

Old fashioned sacks

Finally, we bid farewell to the dog days and ushered in a crisp autumn September. We found that two thirds of 2020 has passed, and the remaining one-third has nothing to look forward to. It seems that everyone is looking forward to the year 2020 as soon as possible, because this year is really too bad.

A few days ago, the man of Panther was exposed to the news that he died of colon cancer. This year, too many people left us, some because of diseases, some because of the epidemic, some because of depression. The disappearance of every life seems to tell us that the magic in 2020 is not over, and we are still exploring our inner limits.

Of course, extreme events do not only exist in the news, there are many people around the life trapped in the inner limit of suffering.

I always met someone who asked me how I could spend so much time in the drama. I would always answer that squeeze time, and time crowding always exists. Actually, I spend a lot of time on the drama and official account to avoid escaping from the real world. Because in some things, you will gradually ignore the existence of life itself, even after the reality. It will also become clear and relaxed because of the completion of a certain goal.

Most of the time, I live like this. Maybe you think its an escape from reality. However, although its shameful, its useful. At least until now, I really enjoy such a state of life. Try to keep myself busy and then look back at other things. It will be easier.

In 2020, two-thirds of the time will pass quietly. Maybe the sentence nothing will be achieved in 2020, just busy witnessing history is still very applicable today, but the haze will always pass and the fog will disappear. Look at it from another angle: without the expectation of witnessing history, there is no motivation to survive.