September: if life is a battle, start today

 September: if life is a battle, start today

September, never pretentious, can give, always is all pay.

For example, the fruits of spring and autumn are abundant and the grain is abundant.

No matter how much you have suffered, no matter how many detours you have gone through, only those who have come to September will understand that there has never been a vain effort in the world. Diligence will bring hope, and sowing will bring harvest.

Some people say that life is a fierce battle, whether painkillers or slaps, you have to face it alone in the end.

This may be the essence of life.

When you are born, you come alone. When you fight, you are naked. When you leave, you will return to the solitude of a person.

In the four seasons of fate, only September, never let up, frost leaves are red than February flowers.

No matter how strong you drink, no matter how bad you love, it is a kind of courage to learn not to look back, and to know how to move forward is a kind of growth.

If life is a battle, start today.

Cry less and spend the time crying to strengthen yourself.

From today on, alone.

From today on, experience yourself.

Hello, September.