Woman: do you really love yourself that much? Dont deceive yourself

 Woman: do you really love yourself that much? Dont deceive yourself

Love yourself, its not that you know how to keep three points for yourself.

Mingyi thinks that it is more difficult to love oneself than to love others.

In the end, how to love yourself, can you really make yourself feel happy and worth it?

Ms. a, 35, has been married for 10 years. After finding out that her husband is cheating, she knows that I dont want to buy him a famous brand any more, but I wear street goods. She decisively spends all her money on herself, shopping, beauty, and even takes a walk away trip in her mood.

In her opinion, I am so free and easy to spend money as I like. Anyway, if I dont spend his money, other women will always spend it. Is it wrong to love myself more? At least people around me admire my natural and unrestrained

To live in the eyes of others and to gain dignity and happiness by being recognized by others, this kind of self love is actually a pit of self. From the pit of misfortune to the pit of performance, the inner wound will never scab.

For a woman who really loves herself, first of all, she should let her heart relax, let her heart feel free and happy, pay little attention to other peoples eyes, let go of other peoples judgment, and go to battle with light clothes, so as to start all over again.

Ms. B, 30, paid for her parents and younger brother in her early years. First, she bought a pension for her parents, and then she bought a marriage house for her brother. When her brother got married, she did not consider her own life. At this time, her parents made a wonderful request: if you make more money, help your brother repay the house loan and then marry someone else. Otherwise, if you marry someone, the money you earn will be that of others.

No one cares whether she has love and being loved. The son preference of her biological parents frustrated Ms. B. she said, I can make my parents and my brother complete. Who will help me? Occasionally, she would be capricious, for example, she would not answer her parents phone calls or call them as required, but she would lose in the end, because after all, its a family, they are happy, maybe I can really be happy.

Love family, love friends, love all worthy of love, finally is love oneself. Such a woman deserves greatness, but not love yourself.

Women who really love themselves will not put love themselves in the last place. They are 1, and their relatives and friends behind them are countless zeros. When one is gone, who will protect and who will love?

Both men and women set the standard of maturity as being able to control their emotions. However, for women whose emotions can be turned on and off at any time, the so-called love yourself is just self deception.

Ms. C, 33, a successful and mature career woman, said, on the surface, I live very well. I have a career and love. But who knows that after every so-called career celebration, I will cry alone? Every time I meet my boyfriend on an ocean trip and separate again, will I struggle to continue or break up? Of course, no matter how tired, how tangled, after dawn, people still see that beautiful woman, but, the bottom of my heart those tired, can only carry by themselves.

She said, how to say, I am a mature person. I control my emotions. I cant let others see my tiredness easily. Whats more, I cant let my boyfriend feel my tangle. After all, its my choice of life, and its also the responsibility of life.

Women who really love themselves will not lose control of their emotions, but they will never force themselves to pretend to be very happy. They can cry when there is no one, and they can also choose to trust and confide when there is someone. Dont force yourself to be the king forever, which is too tired.

So women, do you really love yourself that much? Dont deceive yourself.

Mingyi believes that the so-called I love myself should first care about their inner needs and growth. I love myself, let myself be respected first and then be needed by everyone. I love myself. No matter what kind of peak I am facing, happiness in my heart is the real hope and harvest.