Early autumn get this collocation rule is really big show tall show thin

 Early autumn get this collocation rule is really big show tall show thin

The visual sense of wrist line crossing crotch

It is said that the proportion of wrist line crossing crotch is good. Short sleeve can easily cut the arm into two sections, while long sleeve can camouflage the arm, extend the wrist line, and visually lengthen the length of your arm. The pants shorten the crotch, and the long leg effect of wrist line crossing crotch is easy to get.

High class little sexy

How to wear top long and bottom short? Lets take a look at some of the most fashionable combinations in early autumn.

Shirt + shorts / Skirt

Shirt can also create the feeling of missing under the garment, can be matched with a belt to outline to show, more high show thin.

If the weather is cooler, you can fold up a knitted vest to make it more layered.

Summer is very popular flower shirt can continue to wear, the most suitable with solid color shorts, cool and appropriate!

Suit + shorts

Up long down short the most cool way to wear, is probably the collocation of suits! Cutting high-end silhouette suit, only need a pair of shorts, fashionable, handsome and simple high-end burst out immediately.

Using the oversized silhouette suit, shorts and short skirts hide to reveal the long and long legs with white flowers, which can show the long legs and make the style sexy.

The same is the full personality cycling pants, and suits mix and match, not too cool!

Small waist spirit can build a short croptop inside, showing a little waist line, and a and SA!

However, the most effortless fashion is the suit of suit + shorts, which can easily wear a high-level sense of fashion.

If you are afraid of being pressed by a silhouette suit, you can try to add a belt. It is not only an ingenious piece to enhance fashion and modeling sense, but also an artifact for creating exquisite curves.

With a neutral Bermuda shorts and a soft sweater, its stylish and effortless.

Matching with cycling pants, its surprisingly fashionable!

It is elegant and charming with a close fitting knit shirt and a hip skirt.

Its just right to wear knitted cardigan and shorts in early autumn. Its not restricted by the version, but also fashionable.

But the most popular way to wear is to wear a knitted cardigan and skirt, just like bringing your own gentle filter!

Sweater + shorts

Afraid that there is no waistline fat girls can choose a slightly fitting sweater, tuck the hem into the shorts.

The oversized sweater is the most suitable for playing lower body missing. The loose version can hide meat very well, and the legs with large area can be visually longer.

Printing elements with a strong romantic atmosphere, a finished look is convenient and good-looking, fascinating.

As the exclusive of fairies, the off shoulder bubble sleeves can be soft and cute for girls, and hide meat to show thin. It is a good hand, how to wear it is beautiful!

Romantic dream, sweet age reduction, salt and sweet doll skirt, loosen the waist, weaken the waist depiction, effective modification of the figure, also can stretch the proportion of girls.