A 53 year old single taxi driver with a monthly income of 500000 yuan lives in a 50000 yuan house: I feel so lucky, thanks to this vicious house

 A 53 year old single taxi driver with a monthly income of 500000 yuan lives in a 50000 yuan house: I feel so lucky, thanks to this vicious house


Japans housing prices are very high, especially in Tokyo. Many people cant afford to rent a house, not to mention buying a house. Therefore, the psychological defect object - evil house has become a helpless choice.

In Japan, where money is paid for goods, the price performance ratio of evil house is very high. There is a special agency for evil house in Japan. When introducing the house, the reason for the last residents death will be explained clearly in advance (according to Japanese law).

But the Japanese uncle we are going to talk about today has a huge income, but he still lives in a vicious house. Its really curious.


It was at 1:00 in the morning when the program team of follow me to your home of Tokyo TV station met uncle.

Coincidentally, the taxi driver who took them was Uncle Takano.

You can take pictures of my house.

Is that all right?

As long as you pay the normal fare, thats OK.

So the two sides reached a consensus so happily.

For the interview process of the program group, uncle is obviously familiar with his heart. On the way to his home, he began to introduce himself briefly.

His occupation is a taxi driver, and in order to make money, the uncle also runs night shift. His average monthly income is about 500000 yen (about 32000 yuan), excluding the money he handed in to the company.

When I heard uncle say this salary, the staff of the program group envied me: more than we earned

Unexpectedly, the program team came to the uncles house to learn that the house rented by uncle turned out to be a vicious house.

Just entering the door, the program team saw that the stairs leading to the second floor were full of shoes on both sides, while the shoe cabinet was empty.

In the uncles shoes, hats, down the stairs to the second floor, is his living space.

Uncles living room is about 20 square meters, and the bedroom is about 20 square meters. The kitchen and bathroom are all available. Its very spacious to live alone.

The house has been cleaned up. Uncle seems to be a man who can live.

This house was built five years ago.

According to reason, with the new housing age of 5 years and the location near Tokyo, the monthly rent is only about 50000 yen, which is not too cheap!

Uncle took the program group to visit the place where the suicide resident ended his life, although the program group didnt really want to know

Are you not afraid?

But uncle didnt care too much. He said that the owner renovated the walls, floors, household appliances and so on. In addition, he didnt repel the evil house, so he rented it.

Six ducklings cost 100 yen. Uncle used to have more than 200 ducklings at home.

I often play parent-child games like this.

Parent child game?

Yes, uncle was married and had a son.

To tell you the truth, uncle lives alone and makes enough money. In fact, there is no need to live in a vicious house to save money.

In the face of the program groups questions, uncles answer is: he wants to save money for his son and ex-wife.

According to the uncle, his original job was not a taxi driver, but a salesman selling therapeutic equipment.

At the age of 41, the uncle married a 37 year old female client he knew. However, due to the nature of his work, he had to travel around Japan as a salesman, which led to his marriage for one and a half years, and the time he spent with his family was no more than three weeks.

His wife finally decided to divorce him because he was not there when their son was born.

Three weeks after his son was born, the uncle who was on a business trip came back, thinking, I can finally see the baby! When he got home, he was told that his wife had consulted for divorce.

Whats more, his son was autistic at the age of five.

Thats why Uncles house is full of books about autism and pictures of his son.

All I can do is to support myself financially.

But Miyazakis average income is only one third of Tokyos, so he gave up.

Its said that before divorce, the uncle or the uncle should pay us 150000 yen to raise our children. Whats more, theres no law that we should pay more than 150000 yen to the husband before and after divorce.

The reason for this reduction is that he has to save money.

So, thanks to this evil house.

In the future, he will continue to live here and run for his little wish.

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If it is said that poverty is more terrible than ghosts, then what is greater than everything must be love.