Pregnant woman pushed down the cliff by her husband

 Pregnant woman pushed down the cliff by her husband

Wang Ling, who fell off the cliff. All the pictures are provided for the interviewees

A year and two months later, sitting in a coffee shop in Nanjing, Wang Ling said she thought she would die of loneliness and despair when she lay under the cliff.

In front of her, she is thin and petite, wearing a white shirt with flowers, black casual pants, and leaning on crutches in her right hand. After sitting down, she turned to her mobile phone and fiddled with her sweaty Brown full eared wig, which was too short when she was in hospital, and now she goes out with a wig.

In that accident, she was like a broken porcelain doll, she could break all over.. All parts of the body are bonded by steel plates, and there are still 6 pieces left. Left clavicle, left arm, left knee Deep and shallow scars, climbing on white skin. The broken toe was not very comfortable. She bent down to take a tissue to reinforce it and make it cool..

She has always been calm and gentle, except for tears when it comes to children. When it comes to prospective ex husband, I also smile.

The following is Wang Lings Autobiography:

The last time I felt particularly sad was on August 5th. This day, may not forget to die.

That days pain for 12 hours, into the delivery room 20 minutes after birth, very smooth. So I think hes very good and didnt torture me, you know?

Today, I can sit here, blow the air conditioner, drink orange juice, all of which are done by my children. Without his success, there would be no present for me.

Now looking back, at that time, he may have moved the killing machine, think there is no need to quarrel.

Not long ago, he bought an insurance for one of us, with 310000 compensation for accidental death, and the beneficiary was his spouse. At that time, I was very happy. I felt that he had a sense of responsibility, not just thinking about himself.

The next day, the husband proposed to travel to Wuwen house. He said there were cliffs to watch the sunrise. I agreed. He said that he had better go to Chiang Mai. After two days, he said he would not go to Chiang Mai and go to another mansion for two days. On his way back to Bangkok, he again offered to go to Wuwen.

At that time, I didnt find anything different. I only remembered afterwards that when I went to Thailand, he turned off all the party invitation, and the return ticket was not fixed, saying dont worry; he was absent-minded all the time, and people who usually sleep until 90 oclock got up at 5:6 every day, saying that he couldnt sleep. He took me to the cliff heights, which was not suitable after the investigation of the terrain.

On the way back, he gave me a hug from behind, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then pushed me hard. At that moment, I was shocked to find out why he brought me here.

Photo of Yu Dong and Wang Ling

Maybe it was the will of the mountain god. In the process of falling, I interrupted a tree stretching out from the cliff and saved me.

Whats more, there is a large forest under the cliff. I have such a heavy smell of blood. If wild dogs come to eat me at night, I may look at myself alive Its capital punishment. Its better to fall to death.

I still have a lot of regrets: I havent been a good mother yet, I havent filial piety to my parents, and I still have a lot of career areas that havent been developed, because Im too busy at work, and my friends and I have repeatedly broken up All this is over, and Ill be there quietly waiting to die.

At this time, I heard the footsteps. It was a rhythmic trot. I think the whole world is bright.

After reading the rescue report, at 8:40, a lost tourist found me in a coma. Do you think this is a little angel from heaven?

Five or six paramedics came around and bandaged me. The pain came up all of a sudden. Every second, I felt like I was going to die. I was sent to the nearby rescue station, and then went to the largest hospital in Wuwen. The car bumped all the way, and my bones almost exploded. I felt like I was going to heaven after anesthesia in the hospital. The whole process is four or five hours. If the child is not strong enough and has a lot of bleeding, I will die in the middle.

Wang Ling was sent to hospital with multiple fractures.

Wang Lings leg stitched wound.

After waking up, his body is full of pipes, cant speak, only the right hand can move, cant hold on several times and fainted. The doctor is worried that if the child is unstable, my life will be in danger, but he is very competitive.

At that time, many people on the Internet advised me not to have this child. They said that his father was such a bad person. He killed his wife and son and worried about the pressure of public opinion that the child would face later. Ive never been bothered about giving birth to him. It is unfair for him to deprive him of his right to come to the world because of the interests between his parents.

The only thing Im worried about is that heavy injections of morphine, medication and radiation therapy will affect childrens health.

But the child didnt survive. It felt like you reached for the stars. In that moment, it was dawn, and you had nothing.


On May 19, 2017, we met at a party of friends in Thailand.

After marriage, he admitted to me that before the party, he had met me in a friends shop, inquired about me, and had taken a fancy to me.

Im a creative generation. I grew up in Nanjing. My parents are ordinary office workers. I went to university in Yangzhou and studied business administration. After graduation, I entered the insurance company and recorded the list every day. It was so boring that I only worked for three or four months. After that, I went to a tourism company and started as an assistant. Two years later, I was sent to Thailand to develop business. One person has many duties. I deal with 369 people every day.

I mainly do foreign trade, starting from the self-employed purchasing agent, step by step to establish their own network, registered companies. I only sleep for three or four hours every day when I see customers, run factories and channels. I have no time to socialize. Although you are under high pressure every day, you are very happy. You will find that you are getting better and better. You are more and more recognized by the industry. You have a great sense of achievement.

Strangely, no one was chasing me. In China, there are still people chasing after from time to time. The most exaggerated one was that the son of a restaurant owner was on duty. When I checked out, he insisted on adding me wechat and chasing me.

At this time, he appeared.

Yu Dong is by the sea.


At first, I had no impression of him. After the party, he kept sending me messages and asking me to go out to play. I refused.

A few days later, my Thai book fell on my friends side. He helped me to get it and took me to school on the way. After class at 9:30 p.m., he appeared downstairs. At that time, he was still quite surprised and a little excited when he did not think he was a bad person.

He took me to the gate of the community and left. People with devious ideas will say that it is so late to visit your home. He did not have. It makes me think hes pretty good.

This is really a surge in popularity. You think, now the boys, a few will say responsible for you, most hold the idea of step by step. I will think that he is a responsible person, is running to get married, not to play with you even.

But at that time, all I could see were his shining points: self-discipline and good physique; a gentleman and a caretaker. Your cup just dripped, and his napkin had already been handed over; his emotional intelligence was high and he was able to talk. We had a lot of similar interests and hobbies. No matter what I said, he especially agreed with me and would patiently listen to my confusion and give suggestions - Thats what I want.

Yu Dong is keen on fitness.

After knowing each other for two weeks, I let go and said Id try first. I didnt expect that he immediately returned the house and moved to my residence. I dont think its appropriate. He said that he couldnt live without me for a minute. At that time, I thought he really loved me.

In love for about a month, he once said that he had been in a dark place for a long time without sunshine. I asked where it was. He interrupted. Ask him if hes been in prison? He asked, do you think I am a criminal? I thought I was thinking too much.

I feel too hasty, according to my rhythm, get along with each other for a year or two before getting married. He said, a persons life is so long, always for love impulse once. You refuse you, he begged him.

During this period, he confessed his history: at the age of 19, he helped his buddies drag things out of loyalty. Unexpectedly, it was stolen goods. He was implicated as a robber and spent eight years in prison. I only learned after the accident that he wanted to steal money and commit a crime on his own initiative. He was fined and detained for stealing and making trouble. After he was released from prison, his mother lied that he had a terminal illness and wanted to hold a grandson. He forced him to have a blind date with a rural girl. He agreed to be filial. After marriage, the two did not agree and left two years later.

I was shocked at that time, and he coaxed me. That was what happened before I knew you. My ex-wife and I have no half love, but a filial piety. From now on, we will only love you alone. We will spend our life after 30 years old hand in hand. The past is written off In order to prove that he has drawn a line from his previous marriage, he has handed over custody of his children to his ex-wife.

He came to me and said that he missed me too much after three days absence. You must be my wife. You go home and take the account book I was dizzy at that time. I really went to take it out.


Marriage brings more sweetness at first. He said that the previous investigation project was yellow. If he had not married you, he would have returned home. I think he has sacrificed a lot for me. Watching him every day, just like watching a God, is too much love.

I give him 20000 yuan a month. He thinks it is not enough to spend, so he asks me to borrow money. At first, three or five thousand. If you borrow it, you will return it. After borrowing more and more, he began not to return, saying that his bank card owed too much money and was swallowed up. Im a little angry. He could not borrow it from me. He borrowed my neighbor in my name, stole the money from my WeChat and Alipay and stole the companys money, every time there were tens of thousands of them. At that time, it was noisy. After quarreling, I found a loophole and blocked one.

He likes to eat the dishes I cook. I dont have time to do them. So he opened a Chinese restaurant and left it to him to take care of. He felt that there were too many trivial things to do, so he didnt want to. If you want to find him another job, he doesnt do it. He plays games and gambles every day. He spends a lot of money on clothes, sometimes tens of thousands of yuan a month.

Half a year after my marriage, my parents met him for the first time when they went to Thailand. At that time, they thought that he was very good at life and liked him very much. My sister praised him for being a gentleman and considerate person, especially good. But my dad said he didnt look good, like a bad guy. I said good people and bad people have long faces.

At that time, I said he was a boyfriend and didnt dare to say he was married. Because his history is not very good, I want to give him some time to make use of my contacts and resources to make his image more positive, and then tell my parents.

I have provided him with all the contacts and resources I can provide, but he cant help him up, so I cant talk about it.

They all advised me to break up, but Im already married, and I cant tell you whats going on. My parents later learned that I was married. They were so angry that they broke up with me.

He didnt flatter me much in the later period. He came back and mixed up with his former cellmates. I introduced him to a good friend, and he said he couldnt play.

He owed a lot of money and often received debt collection calls. At first, he said that it was several hundred thousand yuan, later he said that it was more than 1 million yuan, and then more than 3 million yuan How much I owe is still a mystery to me. He wanted me to help him pay it back, but I only paid several hundred thousand yuan, and refused to help him pay the rest, because he did not know how to repent, and then owed again. I thought, if he quit gambling and didnt do it again, I would help him smooth it out.

After marriage, the lies are punctured little by little. I found that we were not on the same way at all, and I regretted why I had to bring evidence so early.

Several times, he filed for divorce. I dont like it. I have paid so much time, energy and money. Once I get divorced, all these things will disappear. I am like the man on the gambling table. I cant get down.

Wang Ling photographed her and Yu Dong.

My view of marriage doesnt allow me to get there. I always think that getting married is a lifetime thing. If two people have any problems, they can solve them through communication. Dont divorce until you have to. Moreover, many people around me are divorced. On the contrary, I want to prove that I can work hard to resolve the crisis in my marriage. I also rely on this tenacity to do business. I want to ask for business that others cant talk about, and I will fight if others cant.

A fool will wake up in the end. After cheating too much and arguing too much, I wont believe what he said. (maybe) he found that he couldnt control me. The only way is to kill this fool.

When I was in the ICU, he was outside. Thai police came to understand the situation. He lied that he was not present. Before falling off the cliff, he separated from me and went to the bathroom. After coming out, he didnt find me. Only when he saw the ambulance did he know that I had an accident.

He was arrested by Thai police on June 16. That night, his mother came to me, hoping that I would say that I was a mistake and give him another chance, which I refused.

Being pushed off the cliff is just the beginning of this long and painful time.

When I was in the ICU at first, my wound was so big that I couldnt even wear my medical uniform. I just covered myself with a blanket. Every day, a group of people come in, lift the blanket, clean the wound, and there are people coming in and out. Oh, its so broken. Change diaper, defecation is also.

At the beginning, I went to work every day, eight to five, soaking in it. When youre better, practice for four hours every afternoon. After that, buy rehabilitation equipment and practice at home.

Starting from sitting, standing, walking, fingers are stiff and cant be bent, arms cant be lifted You can only practice every day. Its slow and hard. Youre walking in a dark tunnel. You dont know when you can learn. Sometimes for a long period of time, you step back in the same place. Even the doctor cant answer it. Its very broken. I often shed tears while practicing.

Sometimes I cant do it any more. When I think of a man as bad as my husband, he will keep fit by himself. Why cant I even recover and be a normal person? I must be stronger than him.

The attending doctor, who has worked for most of his life, said that he had never seen me so serious. It was a miracle that I could survive. I dont live. You all think I fell. I lived to reveal the truth.

On January 20 this year, my family and I returned to Bangkok to hire a lawyer to sue Yu Dong.

The trial lasted five days. In court, he refused to plead guilty and was still lying. His mother swore to the judge that she was a Buddhist student and never lied. Then she pointed to me and said that I told her that I fell down by myself.

I was crying. I was particularly moved when two hospital staff members rushed to the court on their own initiative and temporarily applied to testify in court to prove that my husband had lied. You will see the evil in this world and the good in this world. After the accident, many people helped me. A retired local headmaster in Wuwen helped translate all the way and gave her money. She didnt want to, but said she just wanted to help me. When my parents took care of me there, they were not used to Thai food. The staff of the local tourism bureau took them to buy rice cookers, induction cookers and vegetables. Some overseas Chinese also came to visit and asked if they could help.

On March 24, Yu Dong was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted personal injury and paid civil compensation of 5.89 million baht (about 1.275 million yuan). He and his lawyer filed an appeal in court, and the second instance will be transferred to a higher court for trial.

But for me, the pain is far from over. Now Im about equal to a normal person. I have to depend on my sister when I go to the toilet and take a bath. I have to practice walking and squatting every day. After that, he will also lie on the operating table, Hua Hua Hua, and remove the steel plate one by one, and then enter a new round of rehabilitation. Think of these will still be afraid, but can only face, I have a choice?

For a long time, I couldnt understand why he did this to me. When I was lying in the hospital, I especially wanted to see him and ask him if he had approached me all for money? Was it random or was it brewing for a long time I have 100000 questions to ask him. Or, if I were paralyzed in bed, like mud, even if I had a little strength, I would climb to prison.

But now, it doesnt matter.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }After this happened, I didnt become dark and lonely, but I became stronger inside. Dont they say that people who come back from hell have black vitality? When you experience pain and know what pain is, you will cherish your life and everything you have, including your relatives, friends and colleagues. You will communicate with them in a better way. Youll become a better person. I really hope youll come and interview me later. If there is an opportunity for me to promote some meaningful things and really help some groups, then the interview is the most meaningful. Im recovering now, for my own sake. I hope that the report can give people positive strength. Those who cant use it will smile after reading it. For those who can use it, such as those who are frustrated, frustrated, or experiencing the impact of marriage, my experience can be a small beam of light to illuminate him and support him through this dark time. (Wang Ling and Yu Dong are pseudonyms at the request of the interviewees) source: surging news editor: Xun Jianguo_ NN7379

I really hope youll come and interview me later. If there is an opportunity for me to promote some meaningful things and really help some groups, then the interview is the most meaningful. Im recovering now, for my own sake.

I hope that the report can give people positive strength. Those who cant use it will smile after reading it. For those who can use it, such as those who are frustrated, frustrated, or experiencing the impact of marriage, my experience can be a small beam of light to illuminate him and support him through this dark time.