South Korea SMs only one eyelid girl idol and lazy and sassy dress master!

 South Korea SMs only one eyelid girl idol and lazy and sassy dress master!

Shes from red velvet, another hot womens group,

Seulgi jansseki!

Recently, she has just made a small team debut with Captain Irene.

From SM, one of the three largest brokerage firms in South Korea,

But Seki is a girl with small eyes and one eyelid.

It is known as the only single eyelid girl idol.

On the contrary, they have an advanced sense of beauty,

Its easier to stand out from the stereotyped double eyelid beauties.

Born in Seoul in 1994, 161 cm tall,

Although she is not outstanding in stature, she has practiced ballet since childhood,

So it has perfect proportions and abdominal muscles,

In 2017, it was ranked 23rd among the 100 most beautiful faces in the world.

Or they can sing and dance well,

Or have the character to be yourself.

Always dressed up and acting like an idol,

Seki in the stage or in the MV,

Singing and dancing,

My business is excellent.

The breath is steady and very recognizable,

He was once praised as a fingertip artist.

Dont look sharp in the stands. Shes cool,

Its always deadly, very girlcrush!

Seki in life is actually the opposite.

Its a lovely girl next door who likes to be plain and real,

His head is plain.

Shes a bit frank and stupid, and shes natural,

Thats why I got the nickname Xiong Seqi.

He has a very good personality. It is said that he once stood up in high school,

Protect the bullied schoolgirls.

There are also students who have come forward with their own opinions,

Its said that Seki helped her get rid of the bad habit of swearing.

Seki is a hidden fashion expert,

Because she looks effortless,

Aside from the official Street Photos,

She prefers loose clothes to tight fitting ones.

Oversized shirts, suits, leather coats, etc.

Pair it with light baggy jeans,

Casual, mature and cool.

Black leather with a simple white T,

At the same time, it also shows the approachable side.

A loose white shirt with jeans,

Its simple, clean and fashionable.

In order not to make the shape too monotonous,

Shell go with some gorgeous colored pieces,

Like earrings, ties, vests.

Even if its a sweet red plaid coat,

She can also wear a sense of frankness.

And its a luxury brand with thousands of dollars,

Like Vivienne Westwood of punk godmother,

And LMC, lazylake, oiaure and other affordable brands.

After all, the talent will wear a big card.

The most outstanding thing about Seki is,

Can mix and match bags of various luxury brands with street style.

For example, Lvs multipochette, Guccis horsebit 1955

In short, the overall feeling lazy, fashion, cool!

Moreover, the momentum of the endorsement and the blockbuster is as high as that of the supermodel,

Belongs to a beautiful woman that can be remembered at a glance.