High school teachers sex video Crazy: my life has become your porn?

 High school teachers sex video Crazy: my life has become your porn?

Such a teacher does not respect, for the husband unjust person, naturally will be censured by public opinion, many netizens also human flesh male teacher, threatened to expose his home address.

Even schools have dealt with it urgently

Seriously damage the image of teachers, ordered to conduct a deep inspection, immediately transferred from the teaching front-line posts.

Within a day, however, events reversed.

With Pans active confession, the truth gradually surfaced.

First of all, the male teacher Kang has been divorced for many years and is currently single; the female student has graduated and worked for many years, now she is 25 years old, and she has already reached the age of marriage. The communication between them is also approved by both parents.

Secondly, during his tenure in the school, Kang worked hard and got along well with the parents of the students. His girlfriend was also kind to others on weekdays. Neither of them had ever been hostile to others.

However, why did pan spread the video maliciously?

Whether pan is an ex boyfriend or a heterosexual secret lover is still unknown.

The mother of the woman involved said: now my daughter cant study and live normally.

Even if he finally gets an apology, who is responsible for the uncontrolled life as a victim?

Two years ago, when a Jiao got married, a mans apology made a hot search.

Xie, who publishes microblog, is the computer repairman who originally spread pornographic photos.

In 2005, six months after Chen deleted the video and emptied the recycle bin, he asked his assistant to take it for repair due to computer failure, and repeatedly explained that he must supervise the maintenance process.

But the assistant carelessly gave the computer to Xie. After that, Xie not only copied the whole hard disk content, but also restored some videos. He spread the video wantonly for the purpose of profit and pleasure.

In that year, they were twenty-five or six years old, which was the best age for an actor. However, the exposure of indecent photos made them fall to the bottom in an instant.

For a moment, the voice of the Crusade came like a flood, calling Ah Jiao shameless and calling Chen Guanxi an animal.

In the end, in order to stop the storm, Chen Guanxi announced his complete withdrawal from the entertainment circle after holding several apology press conferences.

In other words, Xie did not intend to apologize.

Whats more, every time the pornographic photos are going to be forgotten by the public, some people will catch their eyes and let the parties fall into the whirlpool of public opinion once again.

At that time, Chen Guanxi was regarded as Liang Chaoweis successor with his outstanding appearance and excellent performance in dog bites dog;

The twins group of Ajiao and ASA is preparing for a global concert.

However, all of this, due to the outflow of video, suddenly stopped.

We owe him an apology, Ma said publicly in black and white planet

But in fact, they didnt do anything wrong.

However, as soon as Ma Dongyan came out, he immediately began to curse.

Speaking for that kind of person shows that Ma Dong is not a serious person in private.

Its ridiculous. The personal privacy of the party involved in the pornographic photo incident has been exposed and belongs to the victim in law. As a public figure, Ma Dong has the freedom of speech. Why is he regarded as an immoral person only by a few words?

During the avalanche, not a snowflake felt responsible, but it was the rumors that spread erroneously that completely destroyed other peoples lives.

For the past 24 hours, Ive been threatened with nude photos of myself.

After a painful struggle, she decided to take nude photos of herself.

Only in this way can she get rid of the threat.

Imagine, if Bella Thornes photo was made public by hackers, there would be some people who would publish their own imagination: Bella Thorne must be a dissolute woman, otherwise, how could you take that picture?

But most people dont want to go into the truth, they just want to believe what they see.

After this incident, I dont know how long it will take for the party concerned to get out of the shadow completely, one year, two years or ten years?


Psychologist McKee said:

When a person is filled with a certain emotion or idea, he will take a strong hint of personal preference in his heart, and then he will search for relevant information in the reality, and eventually form a psychological stereotype of this is it.

If you are beautiful and fashionable, you are not a good woman;

As a teacher, he is not a good teacher when he is intimate with a young woman.

Whats more, when fabricating rumors, some remarks that cater to peoples inner thoughts are more likely to come out.

In life, many people will rely on I think, I think and I guess to guess the truth of other peoples thoughts or things, and spread the truth arbitrarily, thus becoming terrible keyboard man and moral kidnapper.

Therefore, cautious words and deeds, know people do not evaluate people, governor regardless of the matter, is the network explosion era, the most valuable character.

As one Indian philosopher said, observation without comment is the highest form of human intelligence.