I declare that it is this years pure desire wind representative

 I declare that it is this years pure desire wind representative

Grandmas sweater is actually a knitted cardigan, but it has been passed down by the retro and fashionable sense, so that it has such a new and unique name.

The fashion of Grannys shirts began very early

In fact, grandmas shirt has been popular since the 1950s and 1960s.

At that time, many girls in the fashion pictorial appeared in their grandmothers shirts, creating a romantic feeling.

The goddess Audrey Hepburn especially likes to use the knitted cardigan to highlight her noble and elegant temperament.

This year, many stars and bloggers have put their grandmothers shirt out of a new height of pure desire, which is full of feminine flavor, simple and gentle.

As well as, Jennie, Lin Yun, Liu Wen are crazy about the same Grandmas shirt, even if its a collision shirt, they have to wear out of the street!

Paris womens favorite piece


The comfort and freedom brought by knitwear, as well as the tenderness and elegance that highlight temperament, are irreplaceable by many pieces.

How to match the fashionable grandmas shirt to look better?!

Grandmas shirt + pipe pants

The match of grandmas shirt and pipe pants is the collision of softness and softness! It is full of intellectual and elegant taste, and fashionable and not picky. It can be worn in any occasion.

The coffee colored grandmas shirt and khakis pipe pants are the most popular earth color this year, full of high-level sense.

Pair it with black pipe pants for a premium minimalist look.

It can also be worn with plaid pants for a modern retro look.

Kong Xiaozhen also chose the way of overlapping the grandmothers shirt, which made the way of mixing and matching more fashionable.

Granny shirt + straight pants, is the French bloggers favorite collocation CP! Lazy but not lose personality, handsome but with a bit of feminine flavor, it is simply too good-looking.

In addition, Jennie often chooses the combination of grandmas shirt and straight pants. Super short short short sleeve granny shirt, wearing a sexy and handsome taste.

The most common straight pants are denim fabrics. Denim straight pants and grandmas shirt collocation, full of French retro feeling. Especially with the bright color of grandmas shirt, it will be more eye-catching and fashionable.

If you think straight jeans are too monotonous, you can choose the design with holes to highlight your personality.

You can also match with white granny pants, full of high-quality feeling.

Grandmas shirt + wide leg pants

If you want to make your grandmothers shirt more casual and lazy, wear it with wide leg pants.

Straight jeans can also become elegant and intellectual after meeting grandmas shirt.

With the color matching, will be more advanced, but also not easy to make mistakes.

Grandmas shirt + other pants

Grandmas shirt is really versatile. It can be matched with more pants of different styles to unlock different fashion sense.

Granny shirt + flared pants

Grandmas shirt + sports pants

Grandmas shirt + printed pants

If you want to make Grandmas shirt elegant, you can choose to match it with skirt. The combination of the softness of the knitwear and the elegance of the skirt shows the high-level intellectual femininity.

You will find that no matter it is a knitted skirt, a suspender skirt or a pleated skirt, as long as you meet a grandmas shirt, you can naturally show a soft and lazy style, which is very beautiful.

You can choose not to wear the way, the French womens fashionable lazy feeling to the extreme.

It can also be paired with a plaid skirt for a retro British look.

In early autumn, its time to have your own Grandmas shirt and send out your lazy, gentle and elegant feminine flavor~


Editor in chief: Gonghe Jun

Author: Little Monroe | photo: Internet