Korean style is really fashionable: the low-key color matching is full of texture

 Korean style is really fashionable: the low-key color matching is full of texture

The slim Korean collar has a high degree of combination with Korean style. It can make the face more delicate and suitable for girls with gentle temperament.

If it is a working woman, the following choice of pants is more suitable than shorts, with boots or flat heeled riding boots, just as handsome.

02 silhouette suit with accent

There are many styles of suits. The most popular suits in Korean style are those with wide silhouette. The shoulder pads are specially added to strengthen the shoulder line, which makes it more powerful. Gray Plaid suit with brown vest, tone elegant and soft, with a strong literary style.

Short silhouette suits can also be selected for short silhouette suits. When matching short silhouette suits, they can make better use of the method of layering and wear different aesthetic feeling.

A wide smog blue suit with black color inside and black leather berets and flat heeled shoes make a great accent.

There is also a way to use for reference. It is to match the casual suit with the jeans wide leg pants. This style is casual and natural, and the effect of age reduction is particularly good.

In autumn, you must prepare a sweater. In the selection of color system, you can choose green color to highlight tenderness. The color is rich and full of texture. It can also set off white skin.

Round neck plain knit shirt, with a pair of loose pants, tie-in boots, highlighting a touch of playful tenderness.

Knitted vest is a good helper for early autumn folding.

Light gray knitted vest, with a variety of colors can be matched, but also in line with the low-key and simple personality of the Korean wave, and the black color will be more cool, you can match some bright colors of the shirt, light blue, treasure blue, will make the shape, not boring.

Its also very practical.

It is especially eye-catching for people who like high-profile and fashionable to wear the long shirt. The arc edge of the shirt with round swing is more natural and soft than the straight hem, and the beige vest is gentle and soft. This kind of dress is rich in layers and conveys a different feeling with simple basic style.

Casual casual clothes

Wearing a denim, the key is to match some feminized clothes, playful berets, or a cute bag, which will weaken the bold and heroic appearance of cowboys and increase the unruly of urban women.

Girls have a clean temperament, wearing any simple clothes are very beautiful, white pure, clean, a pair of open side shorts, black boots let the simple T-shirt, take the heavy metal rock flavor of the street.

Girls wear boyish jackets, but they look so good. The simple black and white shape and a miniskirt create a lively style. This method may be used for reference in daily wear.