Was Apple removed from the supply chain list? Oufei Guang: false rumors

 Was Apple removed from the supply chain list? Oufei Guang: false rumors

In the morning of September 1, it was reported that Apple had removed the list of its supply chain from the list of supply chains. Previously, the low-cost version of Apples iPad was supplied with touch modules by ofight, GIS and TPK. Affected by the above news, the opening word of the Oufei light limit.

According to the public data, the main business of the company is optical imaging core business and microelectronics business. The companys main business products include image module, optical lens, microelectronics and touch products, which are widely used in the field of consumer electronics and smart cars represented by smart phones, tablet computers and smart cars.

In the first half of the year, the net profit attributable to its parent company was 502 million yuan, a substantial increase of 2290.28% over the same period of last year. It said that the main reason was that during the reporting period, the orders of some key customers increased, the optical business continued to maintain rapid growth, and the shipment of camera modules and optical lenses increased. At the same time, the companys overall profitability continued to improve thanks to the growth of sales volume of tablet computers and the optimization of touch business structure.

Source: 21st century economic report (reporter: Zhang Sainan, editor: Zhu Yimin) and public information

On September 1, a media report said that Apple had removed the supply chain list of ofight (002456, SZ), and all iPad touch orders returned to the Taiwan factory, which was supplied by Yecheng GIS and CHENHONG TPK.

Under the influence of the above news, the stock price of ofight was smashed to the drop limit at the beginning of trading, and as of the time of publication, the number of sealed orders exceeded 1.04 million.

It is understood that previously, Apples low-cost iPad was supplied with touch module by ofI light, GIS and TPK.

On July 20, the US Ministry of Commerce listed 11 Chinese entities in the export control entity list, including Nanchang Oufei Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

On July 22, ofight said in a statement: the decision made by the U.S. Department of commerce does not conform to the objective reality. We call on the United States to review the matter and look forward to communicating with the relevant departments of the United States on this matter, hoping to be treated fairly and fairly. We will take positive and appropriate measures to provide customers with high-quality products and services as always. Ofight will continue to provide equal, friendly and positive working atmosphere and career development path for all employees.