These four thin coats must be picked in the early autumn of this year!

 These four thin coats must be picked in the early autumn of this year!

I also watched the new play skyscraper starring baby under the recommendation of my partners split wall.

It seems to be suspense, but in fact, it focuses on depicting the details of everyones life and characters. It is both realistic and helpless, and reveals the ugly truth. At the same time, it shows the beautiful female friendship. It is a play worth pursuing!

After sharing my weekend, lets move on to todays topic.

On the last day of August, grai arranged four kinds of super versatile, classic and timeless early autumn thin coats for you. Lets have a look!

Ive been following the fashion of the womens troupe all the time. She observed that The9 filmed the cover of the August issue for Yoho youth, with the theme of cowboys.

The element of cowboy seems to be retro, but it has not left the fashion stage.

Denim material is relatively strong, and the bottom and bottom should be comfortable and simple as far as possible. In summer, the combination of short jacket and high waist casual pants can continue. As long as you add a coat, it will be the taste of autumn.

The jeans jacket in early autumn doesnt need to be worn in a proper way. Its easy to put it on the body with a suspender skirt. Its warm and elegant.

In the past, I thought that the suit was serious and rigid, and I always had a kind of inexplicable repulsion to it. However, in recent years, the mix and match style has become popular. After integrating various elements, the small suit is not so popular. It is just a sharp tool to brush the street.

In love with the suit at the same time gradually feel: put on the suit, I found that I can have many aspects.

First of all, please forget the old-fashioned way of matching shirts and suits. Fashion trendsetters are wearing sports vest or bra, coupled with a tailored short skirt and a pair of lacquered boots.

Mix and match the wind to the end, a conservative can match T-shirt and skirt, a simple and atmospheric square bag on the back, full marks for commuting.

This kind of overalized style suit is really popular. It can be worn directly or on the shoulder to enhance the aura in a second. With metal accessories, it is totally exquisite and feminine.

The suit combination of suit and shorts is suitable for early autumn. It is not heavy and does not appear too cool. With high-heeled shoes, it shows the leg length instantly.

Whos still saying that knitwear can only be worn as an inside piece, and fashionistas have long worn shirts as coats! In the eyes of fashion bloggers, what you thought of as grandmas top is a matching artifact!

In a word, it can be summed up as follows: if the knitwear is well built, the autumn wind will be lifted for a hundred thousand miles!

French dress with canvas shoes can also be directly put on a thin knitted coat in early autumn, so that the practical wearability of each piece can be put on Zui.

Grain grain is also a senior windbreaker control, in my words: how can you express your sincerity to autumn without a windbreaker.

Windbreaker has a huge advantage, even if the style is tens of millions, it doesnt need to catch up with the fashion every year. As long as you find the right style, as long as the quality is good enough, you can wear it for several years and never go out of fashion.

The choice of color is particularly important, small lovely people should be determined according to their skin color and overall temperament. Of course, the more safe is camel, with beige, white or black inside.

Then there is the choice of style. The simple style has no redundant design, which is very suitable for mixing and matching. The high necked sweater and suit pants are worn inside, which makes the neutral cool wind worse.

Two days ago, my partner asked me what kind of jacket I should wear in autumn. I said, isnt it OK to add a coat to a variety of T-shirts and suspenders in summer?

In autumn, you can spend a month or two on a variety of thin coats. In winter, you can continue to fold your overcoats outside, which is practical and fashionable.